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PucaShield (our protection program)

PucaShield is our way of covering you in the event of any complications with shipping.


What does it cost?

PucaShield is purchased by the sender at the time of trade-initiation for a percentage of the value of the card being protected. Different tiers of members pay different amounts for this protection:

  • Common members pay 3% of a card's value  
  • Uncommon members pay 2%
  • Rare members pay 1%


On a multi-card package, the PucaShield fee will be calculated on the total package value, rounded up to the nearest PucaPoint. Similarly, if you add another card to the package, the PucaShield fee for that card will be rounded up to the nearest PP.

When PucaShield is refunded due to a full package cancellation, the PucaShield fee will be refunded in its entirety. When PucaShield is partially refunded due to a partial package cancellation, the PucaShield fee will calculated on the individual card’s value, rounded down to the nearest PucaPoint.


How does it work?

You can protect any card that you send out through PucaTrade by clicking this checkbox as you are committing to send a card. You can shield a trade up to 48 hours after initiating a trade, simply by enrolling from your Active Trades page.

Note: trades cannot be shielded after they have been marked as "shipped." 

You can also set PucaShield protection automatically from your account settings. This will automatically default to protecting cards above a certain value (you can still elect to opt out of protecting any trade above this threshold at the time that you initiate it).

Senders are eligible for PucaShield protection on all trades up to 3% of the value of their total sent cards. If a Sender's lost packages exceed more than 3% of the total value of cards they have sent, PucaTrade may decline to protect their trades.

What does it cover?

PucaShield protects the value of your sent packages from getting lost in the mail, damaged incurred during transit, or any of the many uncertainties that come along with using the postal service. If you mail a package with PucaShield, you can rest easy with the knowledge that the full PucaPoint value of your cards has been protected.

Trades protected by PucaShield are eligible for both the sender AND receiver to be reimbursed in the event of a trade being lost or damaged in transit. However, PucaShield does not necessarily cover Senders for cards damaged before shipping, or packages lost due to negligent shipping practices, or excuse them from other reasonable shipping expectations. PucaShield does not protect against trades not shipped according to PucaTrade's shipping guide.

When shipping higher-value packages, we strongly recommend utilizing Mail Tracking.  Because Senders are responsible for making sure that all cards are delivered in a safe and timely fashion, documenting the status of your shipment with tracking services may be critical in the event of a dispute. Case admins may ask to see proof of tracking on PucaShielded packages worth more than 20,000 PucaPoints in order for them to be eligible for our 100% Trade Guarantee.

Senders are not required to purchase PucaShield on trades to protect themselves from negligent trading partners; PucaTrade's case admin team will be on hand to assist with any trading difficulties. On unprotected trades, case admins will assist both traders in coming to a resolution. In the event that the traders are unable to come to an understanding, the admins will make a ruling in favor of one party or the other based on the information available.


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