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Promoting a Trade

Have you ever wanted to increase the number of PucaPoints you'd be willing to give for a special card you really want? Now you can!

The "Promoted Trades" Feature allows you to control the number of PucaPoints you're willing to exchange for the cards you want. You can input your price directly from any card detail page

Promoted Trades 2

Creating a new listing will add this card to your Wants List as normal, but you'll also have the option to promote your trade by offering a higher PucaPrice. Promoted trades will be highlighted wherever the trade is visible and will have their own filter so that senders can quickly and easily find them.

Promoted Trades - Send Page

Whoever is currently promoting a trade at the highest PucaPrice will have the top position on the card detail page. Your promotion will remain until a trade is initiated to you for the card you promoted. 

Just as in a normal trade, if you do not have enough PucaPoints to cover the cost of the card, your trade will not be visible to other PucaTraders (since it is not a valid trade). As soon as you acquire enough to cover the PucaPrice of the card, your promotion will become visible automatically and instantly. 

Economic Notes

It's important to note that promoted trades are one of the keys to success for using PucaTrade—you'll have much more success by promoting a card rather than simply adding it to your want list. This is especially true for in-demand cards! For the best results, make sure that you take a look at the other offers available and try to list your want competitively. 

It's also important to make yourself familiar with the current offers on cards that you want so that you can make informed decisions about sending cards. With this information, you can send out cards to the best offers and ensure that you'll have enough PucaPoints to promote the cards that you want. Speaking of promoting a card, let's walk through that:

How to Promote a Trade

To promote a want, head to the card detail page for any card and click the golden button that says "Promote." If there are already offers available the button will say "Add Promoted Trade" instead of "Promote" like the picture below.

Next, you'll see a popup with a small form that will allow you to set the details of your promotion.   

Promoting Options

As you can see above, you have the ability to either set a static value or a bonus percentage for your offer. The glow around the field indicates which field you are editing. Each option yields the same results but they behave differently—let's break down the differences below.

By default, the "My Price" field is chosen and set to the index price—you will change this value to offer a total amount of PucaPoints for the card that you want. Keep in mind that the best offers are often sent to first, so the more competitive your offer is the more success you will find. This value will remain static and will not update automatically. 

Using the "Bonus Percentage" field allows you to offer a bonus on top of the index price of a card. The bonus percentage is calculated based on the index price. For example, if the card you want has an index price of 100 PucaPoints and you add a 90% bonus, then your offer will be 90 PucaPoints plus the index value (100 PucaPoints) making your total offer 190 PucaPoints.

You can accomplish the same thing by using the "My Price" field and setting the value to 190. The difference is that the bonus percentage offer will fluctuate with the index price of the card and the "My Price" field will not. For example, if the same card drops from 100 PucaPoints to 70 PucaPoints, then the bonus will change from 90 points to 63 points (90% of the index price which is now 70 PP). This will make your total offer 153 PucaPoints.

This helps you to keep your offer competitive with changing card prices. The update will happen automatically overnight.

Promoted Want Fees

Promoted wants are free to create and can be deleted at any time at no cost to you. If a promoted want is committed to you, the appropriate fees will be deducted from your account. If you don't have enough for both the fee and the promotion amount, your promotion will not appear on the website until you have enough points to cover both. Fees will be based on the total value of your offer for the card committed at the rates below:

Editing Your Promoted Listing

If the value of a card you have promoted increases or decreases, you can adjust your Promoted Price at any time. To edit your listing, navigate to your Wants List and click the edit button for the card you'd like to update. You can delete your listing from here as well.

Wants List

Condition and Language

If you choose to accept Slightly Played or Moderately Played cards, any condition discounts will be applied to the trade at the time of trade-initiation, as normal. The discounts will be calculated from the promoted price (not the original price).

Language pricing adjustments will not override your chosen promoted price. For example, if you create a promoted listing for Snapcaster Mage, choose to accept both English and Japanese versions, and set your promoted price to 5,000 PucaPoints, when the trade is initiated your account will be deducted 5,000 PucaPoints (regardless of whether the committed card is English or Japanese). 

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