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Shipping Etiquette - Proper Packaging

“A Magic card is only as safe as the materials it’s wrapped in.”
-Tamiyo, the Mail Sage


Shipping is Easy, With the Right Materials

The right supplies help you mail quickly and securely, ensuring that your packages arrive in the best condition. Investing in a few low-cost supplies can make shipping a breeze. They are:

  1. Hard Plastic Top-Loaders

  2. Team Bags

  3. Size A1 Envelopes (3 5/8" x 5 1/8")

  4. Post-It Notes

  5. Global Forever Stamps (for US Residents)


Hard Plastic Top-Loaders

If there’s one thing that’s absolutely critical to shipping safely, it’s a Top-Loader. These ensure that cards don’t bend in transit, while offering mild protection from water damage. You can fit up to 3 cards in a penny-sleeve in most top-loaders.

 Hard Plastic Top-Loaders

Team Bags

If your package has more than 3 cards in it, put them in a Team Bag (in addition to the Top-Loader). With an adhesive seal, team bags offer excellent protection against rain and water damage, and prevent the cards from sliding around like crazy in the envelope. 

If you’re sending more than 3 cards, follow these 3 steps: 

  1. Put 3 cards in a penny sleeve, then put them in the top-loader.

  2. Put all the remaining cards in a 2nd penny sleeve.

  3. Put the toploader AND the 2nd penny sleeve into the team bag, and seal it up.

  Your trading partner will thank you.
Team Bags

A1 Envelopes

Also called “invitation envelopes,” these 3” x 5” envelopes offer a perfectly snug fit for Top-Loaders. Larger envelopes sometimes get jammed in postal machines, but these are the safest we’ve found.   

 A1 Invitation Envelopes

Post-It Notes

Some people seal their top-loaders with tape, but most people find this annoying to remove. Class it up a bit with small post-it notes, and hey--why not write the trade number on it while you’re at it?

 Post-It Notes

Global Forever Stamps (USA)

These are America’s best-kept secret. A flat letter weighing 1oz or less can go anywhere in the world with one of these on it; no customs forms required. They’re about 50 cents more than a domestic forever stamp, but for the ease and convenience it’s totally worth it.

 Global Forever Stamp

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