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What is Flux? 

Flux is our beta-testing environment, where you can access new cutting-edge features before they're publicly released (with the understanding that you may experience some additional bugs in the process). Flux is a parallel PucaTrade, running on the same live / production database. 

New code and designs will be released to Flux as they become available. We use this environment to test new features and potential changes to the site, so expect there to be differences and perhaps bugs or other strangeness. Our hope is that Flux members will identify and report any bugs they find, with the goal of making the eventual public-release as smooth as possible for all members. 

How do I report bugs I find in Flux?  

Any problems that arise with trades, points, cases, etc can be addressed to our Support Team via the blue ? icon in the corner of every page (except this one).


Although highly unlikely, if any bugs alter your PucaPoint balance, inventory, or personal data you can also email the Support Team and we'll be able to revert as needed. 

How can I join? 

Participation in Flux is opt-in, and available to PucaTrade subscribers (Rare and Uncommon members).

After upgrading, activate Flux from the Account Settings page. You will be redirected to You will then need to log in again on that page. So long as your account is in Flux mode, you will be automatically redirected to this new environment whenever you log into PucaTrade.

Thanks for your interest in Flux, and in helping us improve PucaTrade.


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