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I May Have Been Sent a Fake or Counterfeit Card. What Should I do?

First off: don't panic. Do not complete the trade until a resolution is reached. Do not return the card to sender. Cards printed in different regions often have a slightly different gloss, weight, or size.  The first thing you should do is take your card to your Local Game Store and ask the highest ranking certified judge you can find to examine the card for authenticity. 

If the results are inconclusive at that time, or the judge determines that the card is not authentic, open a case for the trade via your Active Trades page and mail the card to PucaTrade Headquarters for review to the address:

PucaTrade Authenticity Clearinghouse c/o Timothy
2326 Alameda Ave #3
Alameda, CA 94501

Please be sure and include:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. The first and last name (or nickname) of your trading partner
  3. The trade ID number of the associated trade
  4. The tests that were conducted to determine the authenticity of the card, along with the results of these tests
  5. Any other relevant information regarding the trade or the card in question

Once the card arrives at PucaTrade Headquarters we'll evaluate its authenticity. If the card is a counterfeit you'll be refunded the full value of the card. If it is found to be authentic we will return the card to you.

You can learn more about identifiying counterfeit cards here

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