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Get Points

Trading for PucaPoints is what differentiates us from the other ways to trade. PucaPoints make it easier to find a trade match, since you don't need to have the exact cards your partner wants.

Once you earn PucaPoints, other traders will be able to see all the cards on your Want List that you can afford, and they'll be able to send them to you at any time.

Trade Cards, Earn Points

Points for Cards

Here's how to get started, in three easy steps: 

1. Earn Points

You can earn PucaPoints by Mailing cards and earning PucaPoints equal to their value.

To send cards and begin earning points by trading, navigate to the Send Page to get matched with traders, then initiate trades and mail as many cards as you'd like. As soon as the cards you mail arrive you'll earn PucaPoints (you'll automatically be credited the points when they confirm that they've received the cards).

2. Get Cards

This is the fun part. If you already know what cards you want you can add them to your Want List using the Quick Card Adder (make sure you're on List Mode instead of Visual Mode).

Quick Card Adder

If you'd prefer to browse for cards you might want, our advanced search is a great place to start. Some Dragons perhaps?

: Cards that are commonly played (in-demand) are often promoted by other members on PucaTrade. This means that they are offering higher than index value for the card. You can raise your success level by making sure you promote your wants to match the current market value. 

When the cards arrive in your mailbox, don't forget to complete the trade! Once you check the trade in, your points will be released from escrow and deposited in your trading partner's account.

3. Repeat

We have some advanced tools that make trading even easier.

Building a comprehensive Have List containing every card you'd like to trade is the most effective way to trade on PucaTrade. Although it may be a bit of work initially, it will allow you to use our auto-matching feature, which is a powerful time-saver in the long-term.


The auto-match feature shows you the cards you care about most: The cards you actually want to trade. Any time this toggle is "on" cards you don't have will be filtered out of the results set.

Once you've completed your Have List, you'll also have access to Package View, which will group cards together with a convenient birds-eye view. Keep in mind that the package view does not sort by the highest promotion. If you have a promoted card in a package, take a moment to check the other promotions available for that card—this will ensure that you get the most PucaPoints for your cards.

For more tips and tricks for building your Have List quickly, check out our help center article on advanced importing.  

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