Condition Guide

Near Mint Slightly Played Moderately Played Heavily Played
100% 85% 75% 60%

Near Mint

Near Mint/Mint (NM/M) cards should show minimal to no wear from shuffling or play. Near Mint cards should look indistinguishable from a newly opened card “Pack Fresh”. Near Mint/Mint foil cards should have little to no clouding or scuffing on the front.

Slightly Played

Slightly Played (SP) cards show noticeable, but minor wear. Slightly Played cards may have Light scratches, Minor Border or Corner Wear, and Minor Printing imperfections.

Moderately Played

Moderately Played (MP) cards have noticeable imperfections or wear visible to the naked eye. Moderately Played cards can have border wear, corner wear, scratching or scuffing, creases or whitening.

Heavily Played

Heavily Played (HP) cards show a severe amount of wear.Heavily Played cards may have major creasing, folding, major water damage, moderate to major whitening, major border wear, moderate to major inking, tearing, or writing.