Friday, March 17

Format Health

I’m going to take sometime this week to break down a deck that I frequently mention in my sideboard guides and is a powerhouse in my local meta
I'm going to break down some of the decks that have been popping up in Top 8s recently
I've been doing deck techs the past few weeks and wanted to take this week to break down the format itself a bit. If you're on the fence about playing Frontier or are worried about its longevity, this article is for you.
Last week I touched on a few different control shells, so this week I thought I'd shine some light on the most aggressive deck in the format—Atarka Red—and some ways that I have been working to make it even better.
After writing about the more “aggressive” lists last week, I thought I’d touch on a few of the control shells for the format.
With the new release of Aether Revolt, there are quite a few cards to shake up some Frontier lists, and maybe even push some new ones into the spotlight.