Give and Let Give #39: 10/3 - 10/9


Another week, another amazing trade. We had a gold border Gaea's Cradle - 1999 Matt Linde (USG) change hands. This is not our first Cradle, but certainly unique since it's in gold border. Gaea's Cradle made top trade in the past (Article #5), but definitely needed a mention.

What's better than amazing? How about "Great"?

This card commanded a high price from the beginning, and it's because of EDH. Any flavor of Green Creature deck wants this card. It's mana cost is cheap (in theory), it produces mana, it gains you life, draws you cards and puts counters on your creatures as they enter the battlefield.

What more could you want from a green mythic?

I don't think you can ask for more and the reason any artifact removal is getting pointed at this first.

Trade of the Week

The Great Henge - Throne of Eldraine

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Top Trades for the week of October 3rd

Gaea's Cradle - 1999 Matt Linde (USG) World Championship Decks — 45,000 points
The Great Henge Throne of Eldraine — 9,734 points
Anointed Procession Amonkhet — 9,382 points
Shizo, Death's Storehouse Champions of Kamigawa — 8,160 points
Dragonlord Dromoka The List — 7,828 points
Auriok Champion Iconic Masters — 6,438 points
Huntmaster of the Fells Dark Ascension — 6,280 points
Arachnogenesis Commander 2015 — 5,765 points
Primal Vigor The List — 5,740 points
Arlinn, the Pack's Hope Innistrad: Midnight Hunt — 5,723 points

Seedborn Muse Ninth Edition — 10,829 points
Verdant Catacombs (Retro Frame) Modern Horizons 2 — 7,497 points
Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth (Retro Frame) Modern Horizons 2 — 6,768 points
Mechagodzilla - Crystalline Giant (JP Alternate Art) Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths — 6,405 points
Dryad of the Ilysian Grove Prerelease Cards — 5,290 points
Forest (330) Seventh Edition — 4,193 points
Deadeye Navigator Avacyn Restored — 4,119 points
Snow-Covered Island Coldsnap — 4,077 points
Worldspine Wurm Return to Ravnica — 3,578 points
Krosan Verge Judgment — 3,441 points

 That's it for this edition. As always, give and let give!

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