Give and Let Give #30: 8/1 - 8/7


It's Copy Week here on Give and Let Give! Not only do we have a card that makes a duplicate of something this week, we also have some duplicate trades. We start with some more Modern Horizons 2 cards...

The first is THE monkey that everyone is after, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer. He packs a big punch in a cheap package and is finding his way into all kind of decks. It's seeing play in Vintage, Legacy, Modern and of course Commander.

Fetch lands are another hot commodity and foil Scalding Tarn (Retro Frame) is no exception. These couple of beauties command a very high price and were close to being Trade of the Week!

The third duplicate trade was foil Eternal Witness from FNM Promos. Not a card we see traded that often, but made the list none the less.

Finally, the real duplicator. This card from Revised, Copy's Artifacts on the battlefield and is both an enchantment and an artifact in play. It's currently floating around 10,000 PucaPoints and is on the reserved list.

Trade of the Week

Copy Artifact - Revised

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Top Trades for the week of August 1st

Copy Artifact Revised Edition — 30,897 points
Cavern of Souls Modern Masters 2017 Edition — 28,935 points
Drain Power Limited Edition Alpha — 28,015 points
Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer Modern Horizons 2 — 21,670 points
Card Lot Gaming Supplies — 19,990 points
Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer (Borderless) Modern Horizons 2 — 19,103 points
Ancient Tomb Ultimate Masters — 18,042 points
Bitterblossom Morningtide — 17,313 points
Merchant Ship Arabian Nights — 15,321 points
Zacama, Primal Calamity Rivals of Ixalan — 11,659 points

Scalding Tarn (Retro Frame) Modern Horizons 2 — 26,800 points
Island (2002) Arena Promos — 25,010 points
Scalding Tarn (Retro Frame) Modern Horizons 2 — 23,688 points
Sword of Dungeons & Dragons Unstable — 16,500 points
Omniscience Core 2019 — 11,351 points
Gaea's Blessing Arena Promos — 10,784 points
Elder Druid Seventh Edition — 9,205 points
Eternal Witness FNM Promos — 9,190 points
Eternal Witness FNM Promos — 8,356 points
Arid Mesa (Retro Frame) Modern Horizons 2 — 8,238 points

 That's it for this edition. As always, give and let give!

Chris Powell is one of the Founders of PucaTrade and now serves as an Advisor. He started playing Magic in 1994–1995, but took a 17—year hiatus. Fellow developer Mitch Trale got him back into the game in 2012 with Return to Ravnica. Shortly after that, they teamed up to build PucaTrade.

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