Give and Let Give #29: 7/25 - 7/31


Happy August traders! I'm back with the goods.

The obvious top trade this week is Plateau!

Unfortunately, that was our top trade back in May (Article #20).

Well then, how about the Demonic Tutor (JP Alternate Art)?

Again, top trade back in May (Article #17).

Well, there must be another sweet trade?

In fact, there is. It's a Reserved List card that we haven't had as trade of the week. It's sees most of it's play in Vintage and Legacy. Most of us probably don't want to shell out that many points, but if you are looking for a budget version of this card Collector Ouphe is the way to go. It's easier to remove, but the price tag is significantly less.

This one was sent by Tekh along with the Plateau. He is stocked up on PucaPoints and ready for some incoming sends. Thanks for trading!

Trade of the Week

Null Rod - Weatherlight

 Sent by 

Top Trades for the week of July 25th

Plateau Revised Edition — 88,117 points
Null Rod Weatherlight — 43,500 points
Tetsuo Umezawa Legends — 38,069 points
Sensei's Divining Top Eternal Masters — 20,736 points
Cyclopean Tomb (CE) Collector's Edition — 20,388 points
Misty Rainforest (Retro Frame) Modern Horizons 2 — 17,304 points
Mana Drain Commander Legends — 15,918 points
Card Lot Gaming Supplies — 15,000 points
Web Unlimited Edition — 14,418 points
Vampiric Tutor Visions — 14,280 points

Demonic Tutor (JP Alternate Art) (Foil Etched) Strixhaven: Mystical Archives — 35,593 points
Island (2002) Arena Promos — 25,000 points
Demonic Tutor (Foil Etched) Strixhaven: Mystical Archives — 18,465 points
Counterspell FNM Promos — 15,558 points
Urza's Saga Modern Horizons 2 — 11,381 points
Marsh Flats (Retro Frame) Modern Horizons 2 — 10,408 points
Murktide Regent Modern Horizons 2 — 10,194 points
Demilich (Extended Art) Adventures in the Forgotten Realms — 9,469 points
Ignoble Hierarch (Retro Frame) Modern Horizons 2 — 8,385 points
Dauthi Voidwalker (Retro Frame) Modern Horizons 2 — 7,660 points

 That's it for this edition. As always, give and let give!

Chris Powell is one of the Founders of PucaTrade and now serves as an Advisor. He started playing Magic in 1994–1995, but took a 17—year hiatus. Fellow developer Mitch Trale got him back into the game in 2012 with Return to Ravnica. Shortly after that, they teamed up to build PucaTrade.

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