Give and Let Give #22: 6/06 - 6/12


A bit of a lighter week this week (IE no Alpha, Arabian Nights or Legends cards). Despite that being the case I found some good trades.

This week we have one of the Commander Collections! The only one?

I have to admit these flew a bit under the radar for me. I haven't see too much about the Commander Collections. After checking out what's in it I realized there are some great reprints and some beautiful new art (Sol Ring and Command Tower are "green" specific). The value on this one is definitely driven by the Sylvan Library and Worldly Tutor, but these are some sweet upgrades to any green EDH deck.

As I was looking into this collection the obvious question came up for me. What's in the other Commander Collections?

Outside of the likely color specific Sol Rings and Command Towers, the answer is we don't know. There hasn't been any information on the others, and I assume it will be similar to the Spellbook series (taking years to complete).

What do you think will be in them?

Trade of the Week

Commander Collection: Green

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Top Trades for the week of June 6th

Card Lot Gaming Supplies — 28,500 points
Commander Collection: Green Commander Collection: Green — 25,088 points
Kudzu Limited Edition Beta — 24,043 points
Ancient Tomb Ultimate Masters — 16,000 points
Vampiric Tutor Eternal Masters — 14,842 points
Mana Vault Revised Edition — 12,798 points
Wooded Foothills Khans of Tarkir — 11,327 points
Stoneforge Mystic Double Masters — 10,185 points
Twilight Prophet Promo Pack: Ikoria — 9,265 points
Imperial Recruiter Double Masters — 8,446 points

Nicol Bolas, the Ravager // Nicol Bolas, the Arisen Judge Promos — 31,475 points
Rishadan Port Judge Promos — 19,862 points
Tradewind Rider Judge Promos — 19,472 points
Time Warp (JP Alternate Art) (Foil Etched) Strixhaven: Mystical Archives — 18,557 points
Professor Onyx (Borderless) Strixhaven: School of Mages — 15,000 points
The Great Henge Throne of Eldraine — 13,903 points
Teferi's Protection Strixhaven: Mystical Archives — 13,677 points
The Gitrog Monster Judge Promos — 12,703 points
Counterspell (JP Alternate Art) (Foil Etched) Strixhaven: Mystical Archives — 11,742 points
Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist Secret Lair Drop Series — 10,956 points

 That's it for this edition. As always, give and let give!

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