Give and Let Give #18: 5/9 - 5/15


Another week of trading down and more reserved list cards in mailboxes.

Notably we had a Merchant Ship and a Revised Wheel of Fortune traded. Did I tell you about the time, I (a young naive PucaTrader) sent a Wheel of Fortune for 977 PucaPoints? To be fair, it was 2013 and did go to support a friends cube, but STILL! I probably should have held out for 104,958 points, like this one.

Embarrasing trades aside, this week we've got an even better one. Where can you play it? Nowhere! It's banned in every format...

I do recall allowing my opponent at the time (2015) to have this card in his Tiny Leaders deck. Yes, we did play that format (don't judge me), and had some good times doing it. Of course he cast it and the sub game began. There were some questionable rulings about the Tiny Leader itself. My opponent had his on the battlefield in the main game so it was trapped. Mine was still in the command zone when the subgame began. This allowed me to use it in both the subgame and the main game (I guess?).

I was playing Alesha, Who Smiles at Death and preceeded to beat down and win the subgame. If I recall he lost 11 life or so. These days I can think of about a hundred ways to make my opponent lose 11 life in a lot less time, but good times were still had. I did win the "real" game too (that time).

Trade of the Week

Shahrazad - Arabian Nights

 Sent by Peter Twieg

Top Trades for the week of May 9th

Shahrazad Arabian Nights — 136,652 points
Merchant Ship Arabian Nights — 118,191 points
Wheel of Fortune Revised Edition — 104,958 points
Double Masters - VIP Edition Pack Double Masters — 39,909 points
Mana Crypt Mystery Booster — 39,723 points
Force of Negation Modern Horizons — 21,297 points
Force of Negation Modern Horizons — 21,297 points
Force of Negation Modern Horizons — 21,297 points
Force of Negation Modern Horizons — 21,297 points
Phyrexian Altar Ultimate Masters — 19,750 points

Cavern of Souls Ultimate Masters: Box Toppers — 49,753 points
Teferi, Hero of Dominaria Mythic Edition: Guilds of Ravnica — 39,205 points
Combustible Gearhulk Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions — 33,496 points
Necropotence Deckmasters Garfield vs Finkel — 33,380 points
Champion's Helm Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions — 22,658 points
Duplicant Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions — 15,963 points
Young Pyromancer Time Spiral Remastered — 15,796 points
Necropotence Iconic Masters — 11,802 points
Vraska, Golgari Queen Mythic Edition: Guilds of Ravnica — 11,425 points
Tidehollow Sculler Time Spiral Remastered — 9,010 points

 That's it for this edition. As always, give and let give!

Chris Powell is one of the Founders of PucaTrade and now serves as an Advisor. He started playing Magic in 1994–1995, but took a 17—year hiatus. Fellow developer Mitch Trale got him back into the game in 2012 with Return to Ravnica. Shortly after that, they teamed up to build PucaTrade.

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