Give and Let Give #14: 4/11 - 4/17


Welcome back to Give and Let Give!

Usually I have a pretty easy time making a pick for Trade of the Week, but this week brought about a harder choice. As I've mentioned in previous posts I love dual lands and there was a Scrubland trade. It does deserve a mention, but this week it's not quite good enough. 

Recently I've chosen some booster boxes and I've yet to see a Collectors Booster Box in the running. Zendikar Rising - Collector Booster Display also deserves an honorable mention and whoever received that is stoked! Still not quite good enough, this week.

I guess that only leaves one pick and it's a Force. When Eternal Masters came out, I saved up a ton of points and picked up a playset of these (was trying to build a legacy deck at the time). This wiped my account clean and none of them were even foil. This one however... is...

Thanks traders for sending out such awesome stuff!

Trade of the Week

Foil Force of Will - Eternal Masters

 Sent by Peter Twieg

Top Trades for the week of April 11th

Zendikar Rising - Collector Booster Display Zendikar Rising — 69,880 points
Scrubland Revised Edition — 42,000 points
Palinchron Urza's Legacy — 33,370 points
Vesuvan Doppelganger Revised Edition — 16,609 points
Weatherlight - Booster Pack Weatherlight — 16,560 points
Tarmogoyf Future Sight — 16,182 points
Scorched Ruins Weatherlight — 13,860 points
Sylvan Library Fourth Edition — 13,500 points
Sliver Legion Time Spiral Remastered — 12,875 points
Polluted Delta Khans of Tarkir — 12,748 points

Force of Will Eternal Masters — 96,528 points
Avacyn, Angel of Hope From the Vault: Angels — 8,769 points
Tymna the Weaver (Foil Etched) Commander Legends — 8,466 points
Mechagodzilla - Crystalline Giant (JP Alternate Art) Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths — 8,064 points
Gamble Judge Promos — 7,543 points
Urza's Tower (Borderless) Double Masters — 7,353 points
Urza's Mine (Borderless) Double Masters — 7,336 points
Swarmyard Secret Lair Drop Series — 7,313 points
Timestream Navigator Prerelease Cards — 6,534 points
Congregation at Dawn Ravnica: City of Guilds — 4,005 points

 That's it for this edition. As always, give and let give!

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