Give and Let Give #6: 2/14 - 2/20


Welcome back to Give and Let Give!

We've got another trade from the archives of Magic's history and this time it comes from Antiquities. The Tropical Island was somewhat overshadowed here and is a close second.

I remember OF this card, but I've never seen it actually played. Maybe because... it's on the reserved list and worth a ton of points (293,035). I haven't done my research here, but without doing so I can already invision some infinite combos with this card. It has been errated ("X, Tap: Untap X target lands."), like all of the Mono Artifiacts. With that knowledge if you can untap it repeatedly (Voltaic Key), it doesn't seem difficult generate infinite mana and do whatever you want at that point. Game over?

The candles are burning bright this week.

Trade of the Week

Candelabra of Tawnos - Antiquities

 Sent by Leagueofdragons

Top Trades for the week of January 31th

Candelabra of Tawnos Antiquities — 890,943 points
Tropical Island Revised Edition — 335,850 points
The Abyss Legends — 132,361 points
Badlands Revised Edition — 100,000 points
Card Lot Gaming Supplies — 70,000 points
Jeweled Lotus Commander Legends — 17,737 points
Taoist Hermit Portal Three Kingdoms — 16,738 points
Cabal Coffers Torment — 13,826 points
Bitterblossom Morningtide — 13,242 points
Soulmates Mystery Booster: Convention Edition Exclusives — 13,134 points

Demonic Tutor (J20) Judge Promos — 40,325 points
Dregs of Sorrow Seventh Edition — 16,115 points
Sylvan Tutor Judge Promos — 15,530 points
Aether Vial Iconic Masters — 13,726 points
Wooded Foothills Zendikar Rising Expeditions — 10,298 points
Impulse FNM Promos — 10,285 points
Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider Kaldheim — 9,270 points
Rings of Brighthearth (Extended Art) Commander Legends — 9,020 points
Tergrid, God of Fright (Showcase) Kaldheim — 8,000 points
Reflecting Pool Magic: The Gathering—Conspiracy — 6,642 points

 That's it for this edition. As always, give and let give!

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