This Month in Magic: New Year, New You


Howdy folks! It's time yet again for another rant and ramble about what's going on in the world of Magic: The Gathering! I'm your host, Joe Dyer, and this month is fairly low-key but I want to highlight a few things. It's the beginning of 2019, and we're looking ahead at some great times this year.

Magic News

Not much has been going on with Magic except for a few minor important things. First off, the announcement of the Top 32 players who will consist of the Magic Pro League has gone up. There are some solid players in the list, from the poster face of Magic Reid Duke to the incredibly talented Brian Braun-Duin. Suffice to say it's a solid roster of players and probably a really great Top 32 to pick from for the very first MPL.

Of course, the whole esports thing has led to some really interesting developments. Esports company Tempo Storm has picked up several prominent streamers, signing Caleb Durward, Jeff Hoogland, and MTGNerdGirl into its organization as their first entrance into the esports Magic scene. It's very interesting to see how this is progressing, and I can only consider that we'll see more of these as we go along.

Speaking of sponsors, you've probably by now heard of Tigtone. Do you know what it is? Apparently not many do. This tweet might help—Emma Handy and Matthias Hunt do a better job of explaining it than most others could have ever done. That being said, it's a show on Adult Swim. It looks strange, and they're sponsoring Magic events. So yeah, that's a thing.

One other interesting tidbit that's come up in the past week is that Alex Bertoncini has finally been lifetime banned by the DCI from playing Magic in tournament events. I've long been a proponent of his removal from the game and it's a net positive for the game overall for Wizards—especially with the esports initiative—to finally take action against him.

Finally, the best news: Vintage Super League is starting up again on January 15th and is going to be running for quite a while. Check it out for some sweet sweet Vintage play! There's going to be a really exciting roster for this one, including folks like MTGGoldfish's SaffronOlive and guys like Cyrus Corman-Gill and the U.S. Vintage Champion Brian Coval. As always, it's hosted/produced by Randy Buehler and Athena Froehlich.

The Local Flavor — SCG Columbus!

SCG Columbus happened at the start of January and I attended playing in the Legacy Classic on Scapewish Nic Fit. While I ended the day at 3–5 by virtue of the match-up lottery decreeing that I play against Storm three times in a row and Oops! All Spells in my final round, I still had a really great time and got to hang out with some really great people.

One of the people that is enjoyable to hang around at some of these SCG events is Becky Adlman, widely known as "The Mean Valkaut Girl" and "Valakut Queen." She's a very well known Scapeshift player and one of the Admins of the Valakut Facebook group. Since I was Scaping a little that weekend, I opted to have Becky sign my Scapeshifts.

Of course, they turned out great.

Another set of folks that was great to see that weekend was the folks from Hurley Burley Art, card alterists from Delaware who travel to a lot of the SCG events. Lindsay is part of the Patreon Discord for StrictlyAverageMTG where many of us have gotten to know Hurley Burley over time, so it was super great to hang out and chat with them.

Even More Local — Epic Loot Games and Comics!

As I've indicated before on here, my LGS in this area is Epic Loot Games & Comics and they are killing it on their local events. FNM in our area is thriving, and it's generally thanks to the diligent work of one local judge, Eric Searfos-Miller. Eric's hard work and general dedication to the community as a whole has been incredible and has resulted in numerous improvements in the quality of life such as streaming our local FNM events (you can find Epic Loot's YouTube page here) as well as community building with pro-Magic teams.

In fact, due to Eric's persistence in this nature, on the Friday night before the SCG Columbus Modern Open our FNM had in attendance members of Team Lotus Box, including Spirit Queen Kat Light and Zan Sayed. It was a fantastic evening and a lot of fun having them in attendance. I myself even had the chance opportunity to play against Kat Light on a feature match on camera (spoiler Alert: I lost). She wasn't playing Spirits that night—she was on Amulet—but we had some very interesting games (spoiler: Primeval Titan stomped me good!).

If you get a chance, definitely check out Epic Loot's YouTube channel. They are posting all sorts of content from matches to deck techs, and it's all thanks to Eric, who really deserves a lot of accolades for what he's doing. As he likes to say: The Best FNMs in the Midwest!

Right you are, my friend.

Wrapping Up

That's all the time we have this month, friends! Kind of a slow month since there isn't a ton going on in the Magic world, but we do have some sweet Ravnica Allegiance spoilers to look at and a Prerelease to look forward to!

As always, keep making that Magic!

Joseph Dyer (@volrathxp) is an avid Legacy enthusiast. He's admin of the /r/NicFitMTG subreddit, as well as a regular participant on the Source and MTGLegacy subreddits. His knowledge of the Legacy format is deeply rooted in constant analysis, playtesting, and lots of discussion of the format. Joseph's primary accomplishments include a 10–5 finish at GP Columbus 2016 with Rhino Fit, and a 32nd place finish at SCG Columbus Legacy Classic with Sneak Fit. 

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