Development Update — November


Hello Puca Fam!

Today I want to dive into the Fee Restructure and talk about what you can expect from the new feature set, where we are at with the development, and where we want to go with future development.

Let's start with a recap of what to expect from the feature set:

Fee Restructure Recap

The primary feature is to change the fee structure so that the promotion fee is charged only when a trade is committed. This means that you don't pay a fee for uncommitted promotions. Promotions made before the change will be marked as "Paid"; these will not incur a fee when they are committed.

The other part of the core change is that the fee will be based on the total value of a given promotion, instead of the index value of the card. This will allow the fee point sink to be dynamic and rise or fall with inflation/deflation of the PucaPoint.

As part of the consideration for the above change, we are also lowering promotion fee percentages to the following:

Common 7%
Uncommon 5%
Rare 3%

We intended to change the fees with the rollout of the new feature set, but some in the community have asked for this sooner. As such, the team has decided to change these fees in the final round of testing, which will begin on November 15 and continue through the end of the month.

Promoting by Percent

Along with the promotion restructure, we've also built new tools to use percentages while promoting cards and viewing promotions. This is how the community was already using the platform, so we wanted to come alongside that and create tools to support it. You can set either a static value or a percent:

By default, the static value is chosen and set at the index value. You can change this to make your offer. This value will remain static and will not update automatically. 

When you highlight the "Bonus Percentage" field, this allows you to enter a percentage, which will update your offer nightly based on the current index price. This helps you to keep your offer competitive with changing card prices.

In addition to the above change we added some more tools to help with visibility of promotions and packages. This is to help members find the best value for their trade more quickly and efficiently. Here are some examples of the new percentages in action:

Here you'll see the percentages in the Package View. Notice that there are percentages for the whole package and the individual promoted cards. 

In this example, removing the other two cards from the package only improves the total package by 1%. This is the kind of information that can help you make informed decisions about trading. Below is a picture of the package with the other two cards removed (63% overall bonus). This overall package percentage is dynamic and will recalculate as you add and remove other cards. 

Naturally, we've also added the bonus percent to the list view as well. You can see that below. 

Where are we at?

We're anxious to get these new tools into your hands and the bulk of the work for this feature set is done. The team is trying to nail down these final bugs before pushing out version one:

  • Percentage Display Issue — Some percentages are not displaying properly on the card page.
  • Values of old promotions that are changed are erratic. This has only been reported by one member. 

Once these issues are resolved we will be confident enough to release the feature set to all members. Our goal is to aim for the end of November for release, but this can change based on testing. If you'd like to test the feature and you're an Uncommon or Rare member, you can test using Flux. Omni wrote a great guide for this here.

Version Two

You might remember when we talked about the feature releases, we noted that we're doing them in stages. The pending release of this feature set is Version One. That means that a new iteration will follow this one: "Version Two."

Version Two will be a combination of tweaks in response to member feedback and a few things that the team has identified as needed to. For example, one of those things is allowing the member to filter cards below a certain percentage out of the packages in package view. This will help improve the quality of packages for senders. There are a few other things in discussions but we'd like to get your feedback before fleshing out the feature set.


Before closing this up I really want to thank you, the community, for two things: First, for being so patient! Your graciousness in this area cannot be understated and it's one of the reasons Puca is still here today. Second, for your help with testing. It's been a learning process for me to be the liaison to the tech team, but I feel like we are hitting our stride and I have plans to improve the information flow here. So again thank you all for the roles you play in keeping this community going!

That's all I have for today! I hope this development update has been informative and interesting. I'll be back in the coming weeks with more updates including some exciting things we have planned for January!

Thank you for reading! 

Jonathan Medina (@Medina_MTG) is a casual Magic player and lover of people. He has a long history of writing for various Magic sites. He's currently the Director of PucaTrade, and a semi-regular writer at You can find him on Twitter at @Medina_MTG

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