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Hey traders!

I'm Chris Powell and I'm back with more good news!

How is Guilds of Ravnica treating everyone? My experience has been pretty positive so far from going to the prerelease, drafting, and now starting a league within my play group. 

Initially we started with a Sealed Pool (six packs) and are adding a pack a week to increase the power level along with allowing trading within the pools. One trade per week per league member with rarity parity (can only trade common for common, uncommon for uncommon, etc.). We thought this would be a fair way to trade so that two members couldn't just trade a stack of cards they aren't using for a stack of the other members, creating a disparity between power level.

My Pool was somewhat crazy based on the rares with Nullhide Ferox, Light of the Legion, 2 Venerated Loxodons, Assure // Assemble and Underrealm Lich. How could I not play Selesnya splashing Black for the Lich and some premium removal? I've traded into a bit of a go-wide strategy with 3 Sworn Companions to take advantage of the 2 Loxodons early and other Convoke creatures. The league has been a fun way to crack some packs and spark some interest in limited within the group.

Lets see what's good this month?

Puca News

Product Releases

Guilds of Ravnica was released on October 5 and everything is tradeable on PucaTrade! A lot of GRN is getting traded out there between rotation and its huge impact on the new standard. I've already been promoting and receiving Knight of Autumn and Mission Briefing.
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The Guild Kits released on November 2—these are also tradeable now on PucaTrade! There are some good reprints in this set along with some cool new art. Most notable are Shattering Spree, Privileged Position, and Glimpse the Unthinkable.

Upcoming Releases

Ravnica Allegiance: Releases January 25, 2019

Although I had originally thought that Returning to Ravnica and doing it for three major sets seemed like overkill, I've had a lot of fun with Guilds of Ravnica and am looking forward to seeing how the other five guilds play out. I have to say I do love me some Rakdos!

50 Million Points Removed

Can I just say, WOW! Since the last "All the Good News" article, we crossed the 50 million point–mark for points removed from the system. The top feature sinking these points is Promoted Wants by far coming in at over 25 million.

I want to extend a warm thank you to everyone using these features and trading on PucaTrade, we couldn't have reached this goal without you and are continually seeing this number increasing.

The points in circulation are decreasing every month in the system and we are seeing a lot of positive effects from it:

  • Promoted Want percentages going down
  • Inflation going down
  • Trade volumes going up
  • Members who left PucaTrade reactivating 

Many out there base the value of the PucaPoint on how much MTGO Tickets trade for. Less than a month ago, members were trading these at 285–295pp. We are now seeing these promotions down around 220pp.

Here is the sunk points breakdown:

PucaShield: 8,014,003 points
Sweepstakes: 16,890,200 points
Promoted Wants: 25,645,281 points

Avatars/Backgrounds: 216,100 points (now FREE)
PucaDues: 2,555,685 points (terminated 1/1/2018)

Total: 53,321,269 points

Stats as of November 2, 2018.

Top Trades

Similar to last time, we had some HUGE cards traded on the sites. 2 MOXES, a Tabernacle, and a ton of Duals! Check it out.

Old School
Mox Jet Unlimited Edition — 247,021 points
Mox Emerald Unlimited Edition — 205,743 points
2 Chains of Mephistopheles Legends — 140,000 and 70,036 points
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale Legends — 131,248 points
2 Shivan Dragon Limited Edition Alpha — 113,811 and 80,337 points
2 Badlands Revised Edition — 88,000 and 81,000 points
Animate Dead Limited Edition Alpha — 85,000 points
Tundra Revised Edition — 76,533 points
Underground Sea Revised Edition — 69,172 points
2 Savannah Revised Edition — 61,700 and 40,000 points
Volcanic Island Revised Edition — 52,077 points
Rasputin Dreamweaver Legends — 44,184 points
Tropical Island Revised Edition — 41,199 points
2 Gaea's Cradle Urza's Saga — 40,569 points
Gaea's Liege Limited Edition Alpha — 40,139 points

Masterpieces (all foil)
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite Judge Promos — 100,000 points
Scalding Tarn Zendikar Expedition — 100,000 points
Force of Will Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations — 61,461 points
Hallowed Fountain Zendikar Expedition — 35,841 points
Crucible of Worlds Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions — 43,073 points
Lightning Greaves Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions — 30,999 points

Booster boxes and FTV
Battlebond - Booster Box — 37,500 points
3 Innistrad - Booster Box — 33,000 points
Core 2019 - Booster Box — 30,000 points

Lion's Eye Diamond Mirage — 73,000 points
4 Cavern of Souls Foil Modern Masters 2017 Edition — 64,000 points
Cavern of Souls Avacyn Restored — 63,560 points
Jace, the Mind Sculptor Foil Masters 25 — 48,650 points
Mox Opal Foil Modern Masters 2015 Edition — 44,802 points
Mox Diamond Stronghold — 43,499 points
2 Mox Opal Scars of Mirrodin — 34,758 and 30,000 points
2 Mox Opal Modern Masters 2015 Edition — 34,613 and 33,495 points
Dark Confidant Foil Modern Masters — 33,744 points

Basic lands TOOK OVER as the most traded cards for Aug/Sept:

Full Art Wastes Oath of the Gatewatch — 473 trades
Full Art Plains from Battle for Zendikar — 451 trades
Full Art Forests from Battle for Zendikar — 425 trades
Full Art Mountains from Battle for Zendikar — 312 trades
Full Art Swamps from Battle for Zendikar — 280 trades
Full Art Islands from Battle for Zendikar — 265 trades

Plains (C) Revised Edition — 132 trades
Plains (230) Theros — 70 trades
Forest (246) Theros — 62 trades
Swamp (238) Theros — 59 trades
Island (234) Theros — 52 trades
Mountain (242) Theros — 50 trades
Snow-Covered Island Coldsnap — 50 trades

Other Notables
Rat Colony Dominaria — 105 trades
Vampire (001) Token Ixalan — 80 trades
Fatal Push Aether Revolt — 66 trades
Stitcher's Supplier Core 2019 — 57 trades

Bug Fixes 

We are close on the new Percentage feature (currently up on the FLUX version of the website). We are actively getting feedback from the community and fixing the final bugs that have come in.

The most recent updates to the site can always be seen here. This link is on the version number in the footer of the site (currently v3.5.7.2). I agree this is a tad hidden on the site and most people don't know about it, so I will do my best to give updates in these posts going forward.

Wrap Up

Not that I ever stopped sending on PucaTrade, but lately it's definitely feeling like trades are on the upswing due to the factors I mentioned earlier (lowered inflation/promotions). I've been lowering my promotions and still receiving more cards than I have in a long time, I hope you've been having a similar experiences. Off to find some more cards to send...

Thanks for reading! As always, give and let give!

Chris Powell is one of the Founders of PucaTrade and now serves as an Advisor. He started playing Magic in 1994–1995, but took a 17-year hiatus. Fellow developer Mitch Trale got him back into the game in 2012 with Return to Ravnica. Shortly after that, they teamed up to build PucaTrade.

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