Community Awareness: Banned & Restricted - July 2018


Wizards of the Coast has provided the Banned and Restricted update that has been in the back of many Legacy player's minds for some time. Gitaxian Probe and Deathrite Shaman are banned. We extend our condolences to the many players out there who enjoyed playing these cards in Legacy.

Many members of the PucaTrade community have these cards on their want lists, some offering very large promotions. Please reach out via the messaging system before initiating a trade for a banned card. While some players may want these cards for Commander or Vintage, many may no longer want to receive them. Please consider the health of the trading community before initiating a trade for a banned card. Please make sure your want list is up to date if it includes Gitaxian Probe or Deathrite Shaman.

Thank you for your consideration and courtesy.

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