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Hello Puca People! I've been hanging around the #trades-paper channel on the PucaTrade Discord and I wanted to share some of my experiences with you. My hopes are that this short read will give you a little bit of info on the market and some tips for getting more out of your Discord experience. 

Prior to this week I was down to six lonely PucaPoints in my account. I've been really busy in real life, and haven't had much time for trading, but I stumbled onto an opportunity to invest pretty heavily into PucaPoints at the beginning of the week. At first, I weighed the decision—I know that getting the most out of your points requires a good amount of networking and some patience, and I wasn't sure if I was up for the commitment.

My week was pretty open, and the new set is dropping (Hour of Devastaion) so I decided, "Why not!?" Even if I couldn't use the points up during my free week, I could still come back to utilize them later. I took the plunge and shipped some MTGO tickets for a huge pile of points! I've got to admit, I was feeling pretty rich. How rich, you ask? 51,000 PucaPonts rich!


I started the week with 51,244 PucaPoints; upon writing this post I'm sitting at 11,493—now I'm not feeling so rich! That means that since Sunday, five days ago, I've been committed a staggering 39,751 PucaPoints worth of cards. That's almost $400 worth of goodies! I can already hear some of the common questions, one of the key ones being: "How much of that was promoted?" I spent 3,047 PucaPoints promoting cards. The following promotions have been filled so far:

Memory Jar Foil FTV
Value 1,713, Paid 3,050

Verdant Confluence                        
Value 180, Paid 450

Grave Titan
Value 1,036, Paid 1,500

Razaketh, the Foulblooded
Value 615, Paid 1,000

If you add up the difference in these prices, you'll see I paid 2,456 over the value of these cards in points. I want to talk about that in a bit, but let's finish up the stats.

I did not do any arranged "Reciprocal" trades, but of course if someone committed cards to me, I did the nice thing and checked their list to see what I could send them. In doing this and hanging out in the chat, I ended up committing 13,285 in trades to fellow PucaTraders in the last five days! I also gave away 500 points because I was so happy with action that I was seeing.

What's the Point?

Why am I telling you this? The reason that I felt compelled to write this is because I often get the same question: "How can I be more successful on PucaTrade?" Even though there are two great articles about how to increase your activity on the Puca platform (here and here), I still think a post like this can help people think about things in a different way and maybe find some excitement in trying some different strategies. I also want to share some cards that garnered a lot of talk and interest in the Discord chat. This section could tip you off to some coming trends in trading and maybe give you some good ideas for trade fodder. So this leads us to big question: "How did you do it?"


A quick disclaimer before we go on: This strategy is not the only strategy, and it's not for everyone. A large focus of my strategy was using Discord as a networking tool to get my want list in front of my fellow traders. Before I jump into the talk about Discord, I want to talk quickly about crafting my want list. There are basically two strategies here. The first is to keep a small and focused want list of 100–400 cards, with a handful of high priority wants (that you will probably promote). The second way to do this is to have a large want list over 800 cards, with some strategic promotions. The latter is the strategy that I employed—I have a lot of projects and many random wants. None of the cards are really more important to me than others, and I had a lot of points to burn through so I didn't want to limit what people could send me. My want list is about 1,200 cards.

One thing to keep in mind is that a large want list means that you'll have less luck with people who do not use Auto Match. Someone really has to love you to look through 1200 cards and pick out stuff to send you. Most of the power traders on Discord have register their collections on Puca an use Auto Match so I think having a bigger want list is better. Also, a bigger want list gives you more range with users who are using the package feature directly on the site. My strategy was to cover as much ground as possible. With my huge want list, and my pile of Puca Points, I jumped into the #trades-paper channel on discord.

The Discord chat reminds me of an old Magic trading site called MOTL (Magic Online Trading League); there's actually a couple of former MOTLers in the Discord which is cool. Discord is like a digital pub, where people hang out and make deals. You have the regulars, the power traders, and random people who come in to find some trades. I like this kind of atmosphere; that's why it was easy for me to spend quite a bit of time there over the week. In this time hanging out I discovered a handful of things that seem to make the trades flow. I'll list them below in bullet form, then I will elaborate on them as a whole in the following paragraph:

  • The more time you spend, the more trades you get.
  • Spend time in the conversation, not just spamming your profile.
  • Send cards.
  • Be willing to negotiate.
  • Be positive.
  • Help other people out where you can.
  • Don't be afraid to make an offer on things being talked about in the chat.

The biggest thing that contributes to getting trades in Discord is your reputation. Are you constantly trying to help people get the cards that they need, or are you just there to get cards? You can see above in the stats section that I did receive a ton of cards, but I also sent a ton of cards. Trading can be frustrating sometimes for a myriad of reasons. I find that the people who resist the urge to complain and instead release positive energy into the community get more trade. I know that I can't maintain the level of presence that I did this week in this little experiment, but it's cool to know that you can do a huge point drain if you have a new project or deck that you want to build. As you can see, there's really no "special sauce"; it's just simply showing up, being a good person, and sending cards.

Cards to Keep an Eye On

Hanging out in the chat this week really gave me a feel for what cards people are looking for. Here are some cards that you should keep an eye on:

The Scarab God—People have been crazy for this card! I've noticed some insane promos for it, and this was all before the card went up 400 points! Some people even canceled their trades for the card, because the price went up. This is probably going end up being the most desirable God in week one.

The Locust God—This was probably the second-most talked about card on the chat. There are many people looking for it, but it did not have the same pricing fluctuation that The Scarab God had. Long term this card may win out.

Memory Jar—This card is actually awesome in a The Locust God Commander deck. There were a handful of people looking for this card and it may be due for a small price bump.

Intruder Alarm—This card combos with many cards in the new set, including The Locust God. During this week the price of this card spiked from 600 points to 800 and it will probably hit 1,000 or 1,200 sometime soon.

Claim // Fame—This seems to be the chase uncommon out of Hour of Devastation. It weighs in at 196 PucaPoints and will be a great card to send out if you get some in your box or drafts.

That's all I have time for today. I hope my points hit zero before the end of the week, because that would really be amazing. I will see you in the Discord! Thanks for reading!


Jonathan Medina is a casual Magic player, and lover of people. He as a long history of writing for various Magic sites. He's currently the Content Manager at PucaTrade, and a semi-regular writer at GatheringMagic.com

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