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With a new year and a new content team, we’ve had a chance to take a fresh look at our articles from an operational standpoint, and have identified improvements worth making. We’re very excited for these changes, and think you will be as well.

Compensation for Writers (No More PucaPoints)

PucaTrade will no longer be offering our writers (or any member of the Content Team) PucaPoints in compensation for the work that we publish. This is in keeping with our current policy and commitment towards reducing the number of PucaPoints in the PucaTrade ecosystem (which can be tracked in real time from our live-updating dashboard).

Our previous policy was to correlate point-creation events with marketing and growth initiatives (such as the new member bonus, referral bonus, and articles) with the understanding that as new people discover PucaTrade through our articles, our platform required more PucaPoints to serve them. Now that the climate around PucaPoints has changed, our policy is due for a change as well.

Small Ads in the Articles

To support the cost of the new focus on content, we plan on adding small and unobtrusive ads in a couple of places around the articles section (premium members will continue to have an ad-free experience). Our primary concern will continue to be delivering a clean and well-designed experience, and we believe we’ll achieve this even with a couple small ads here and there.

Introducing a New Content Team

I’m very excited to welcome Jonathan Medina to the PucaTeam as our new content manager. Jonathan has a deep reservoir of experience and enthusiasm for MtG content along with a keen eye for interesting concepts worth writing about. He has some great ideas about the direction he’d like to take the platform, and I’m thrilled to see where he takes it.

Jonathan Medina    Nolan Finkelstein

Jonathan Medina (left) is PucaTrade's new content manager, and Nolan Finkelstein (right) is our new content editor. 

Jonathan Writes: Hello out there in Pucaville! When people look at the PucaTrade website, they see a lot of different things. Just like in life, you can see what you want to see. Some choose to find negative things to dwell on, and other see the positive, and the possibilities. When you boil any community down to it’s essence, what you find is a group of people who love one thing. That’s what I see when I look at the PucaTrade community. A group of people who love the game of Magic, and all the culture that comes with collecting its cards.

It’s this group of people (you), that I’m looking forward to serving as the Content Manager of PucaTrade. This is an exciting time for the content of PucaTrade, because it marks a change in the philosophy of the content on the site. Instead of the content simply being an extension of PucaTrade’s voice, it’s shifting to be a platform for your voice. We’ll be looking to publish articles that are written by you, on topics that are important to you. To accomplish this, we need your participation.

How To Participate

There are many ways that you can participate. If you’d like to write something for PucaTrade, please send your pitches and submissions to Currently, we’re looking for articles on Commander, Frontier, and very cool Magic related stories. We are also open to receiving anything other content, with the exception of tournament reports. If you’re not a writer, we’d like to hear feedback from you on the content that’s being published, and content you’d like to see featured. If you read something on here that you like, be sure to share it with your friends, on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and everywhere else.

What to Expect

We'll be starting out with three articles a week. The schedule will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As you noted above, we want to feature regular Commander, and Frontier Content. As we flesh out the schedules and the writing roster, We'll keep an open ear to your feedback so that when we settle into a set schedule it’s one that serves you as a community. We have some ideas for different kinds of content, including a YouTube “round-up” style article, regular updates of drastic card value changes, and maybe revisit a podcast. It’s our hope that we’ll find great content producers to drive these ideas from within our community.

Before I close, I’d really like to introduce you to my partner in crime, Nolan Finkelstein (pictured above). Nolan stepped up as our Content Editor. This is a supremely important role, and I’m very happy to have him on the team. Nolan will be working with our writers to help clarify their voice, and strengthen their writing. I’m looking forward to what the future holds, and to working with the PucaTrade team to enrich our community and inspire all to give and let give.

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