Puca Past and Present: Part 2 (Present)


When we left off last time, I had just acquired my second card from PucaTrade—an Unlimited Timetwister! I thought to myself: "There's no way my luck can last this long." Little did I know, there were a few things that I could do that would make trading much easier. Easier trading means it takes less time, and less wasted time means I have more opportunities to acquire fancy cardboard!

Within the last six months I decided to get my collection highly organized and completely uploaded into my haves. I found ScryGlass, an app that allows you to scan in cards and directly upload them into PucaTrade, and went to town. I had previously not been making use of the auto-match feature; instead, I was just sending out things of value when I felt that I didn't want to keep it in my binder. Let me tell you, the auto-match feature is the single best and most useful sending tool that PucaTrade gives its users. Make use of it!

I also joined Discord during this time. Discord allows you to chat, negotiate, and hang out with other traders who are after the same thing you are: Spicy cardboard for your decks. I can honestly say that without Discord, I wouldn't have met a group of amazing people who are passionate traders and players of this game. The best part about Discord is that it doesn't have to be super time-consuming. You can type up a quick few sentences and drop your link to see if you get a few bites on your wants. You don't need to chat endlessly if you don't want to, even though it is fun to do from time to time. Another great part about Discord is that some of the traders actively go out of their way to help others. Some even buy cards at their local stores so that they can send them to their Puca/Discord friends for a promotion or even as a gift.

Recently, I built almost an entire Modern Merfolk deck with Puca; only about 10–15 percent of it was from buying at my LGS (he's a good guy, I support him when I can haha). To do this, I utilized promotions and reciprocal traded several times. Reciprocal trades are called "recips" on Discord and some people wish to make use of them while others prefer not to do them. It's up to the person, but a good thing to keep in mind is that asking for a recip on a 200PP card will likely not get you anywhere. The rule of thumb is 1,000 PucaPoints or greater cards are where recips may be warranted. I've also started collecting the Beta set (minus power and duals). Believe it or not, I have received a substantial amount of cards for my set from PucaTrade. If I can acquire cards from Beta, you can definitely acquire the Standard, Modern, and EDH cards you need for your decks!

My PucaTrade experience has been wonderful over the last year and a half. Without it, I wouldn't have anywhere near as many cool cards. I also wouldn't have a Modern deck! I look forward to more trading and deck building as time goes on. In my opinion, the Puca and Discord experience can be summed up as this: You get out what you put in. Basically, the success you achieve will be proportional to the effort you put in. "Give and let give!"

My tips for success:
1. Upload your ENTIRE collection into Puca (Scryglass and Delver Lens are apps that can help with this)
2. Use the auto-match feature
3. Fulfill promotions and use those points to promote cards that you want
4. Join Discord and build relationships with other traders
5. Stay positive and participate in Discord chat from time to time
6. Be smart with your postage! There's no sense in sending a 25PP card when a stamp will cost you $0.49 (unless it's for the good of the community)
7. Even if you have a healthy amount of points, consider sending a small package every few weeks so that you remain on the "Active Trader" list. Some users don't send to accounts that aren't on the "Active Trader" list.

Nate Richey is a relatively new Magic player—he has only played (and collected) for roughly a year and a half. He enjoys piloting multiple Pauper decks and Modern Merfolk, all of which were built with the help of PucaTrade and Discord users. Nate's newest venture is collecting the Beta set (minus power and duals). In addition to playing Magic, Nate enjoys competing in triathlons, building computers, and eating Chipotle.

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