Puca Past and Present: Part 1 (Past)


Hey there, my name is Nate and I'd like to share my PucaTrade experiences with you. Let's start with when I joined in February of 2016: I was new to Magic and had heard of a service that allowed you to upload all of the cards in your collection into a database and send them to others who matched things that they wanted. "Great," I thought! This is going to allow me to trade off the stuff I'm not using into cool, expensive cards that I want. So I mashed the send button like crazy. My goal was to amass a large number of points and trade into duals or "neat old school stuff" as I remember thinking one night.

My collection comes from fat packs and the occasional loose pack or two that I would buy. I began collecting fat packs when I started playing Magic and ripping them to get the experience I had missed out on for so long. My fat pack collection dates all the way back to 9th Edition (when they started including the boxes that we associate with fat packs or "bundles" as they're now known as). I didn't care if I was losing value by ripping sought-after sealed product, I was fresh out of college with a great job and just wanted to have fun. During this time I kept sending whenever possible.

Eventually I had managed to save up around 35,000 PucaPoints. "I'm rich!" I thought, now let's get something cool. A trader reached out to me inquiring about sending me an Unlimited Chaos Orb that was MP+ or SP- so we arranged a shadow trade for a Beta Stasis which was valued at 15,900 points at the time. This would take care of point difference since it was pre-Future Sight when we couldn't easily select the condition of the cards that we wanted to send or receive. About a week later, I had a sweet Chaos Orb arrive in my mailbox. Not bad for my first receive on PucaTrade!

As my fat pack collection grew, so did my point total. Eventually another trader/store owner reached out to me and asked if I would like to trade for an Unlimited Time Vault. I was ecstatic, this would be my second high-end Reserved List card that I would receive! He also casually mentioned that he had a nice-looking Timetwister with some wear on the back. I decided it was time to go big or go home, so we negotiated over the course of several days for the Timetwister. After agreeing upon a price, we shadow traded two Nether Voids (21,750 points each) and a Mana Drain (20,050 points) to get to a grand total of 63,550 points. A few weeks later I had my first piece of the Power 9! Believe it or not, this was the second card that I had ever received from PucaTrade!

Acquiring high-end cards is an absolute blast, but when we return for part two, we'll see if it's still possible to snag them in 2017. Has my luck run out, or perhaps are the desirable cards still arriving frequently? You'll have to tune in next time to see!

Nate Richey is a relatively new Magic player—he has only played (and collected) for roughly a year and a half. He enjoys piloting multiple Pauper decks and Modern Merfolk, all of which were built with the help of PucaTrade and Discord users. Nate's newest venture is collecting the Beta set (minus power and duals). In addition to playing Magic, Nate enjoys competing in triathlons, building computers, and eating Chipotle.

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