The Economy, Common Dues, and Foils For All


Hello Puca Fam! It's been a while since you've heard from the Puca Team, and we apologize for that. Even though it's been quiet, that doesn't mean we aren't working. In the background, the team has been analyzing the state of the PucaPoint economy. Today I want to have a heart-to-heart with you, and talk about some changes to PucaTrade.

If you're current on the conversation, you know that PucaTrade is working through some issues with the PucaPoint economy. These issues have led to slow/halted trade activty for many members. The best way for us to remedy these issues is by removing points from the system. In the past, we've published some articles outlining our strategies for doing that. Through these strategies, we've been removing roughly five times as many points as we have been creating each month. That's a pretty good clip, but is it enough? What we are realizing is that there is a difference between progress in our reports and felt progress within our community.

One of the most important questions we can ask to gauge our progress is "How is our community feeling?" What sort of responses and feedback are we getting from the people who use PucaTrade the most? The truth is that many of our users are dissatisfied with the platform right now. We hear your complaints of trades being slow, staples being hard to obtain, the necessity of high premiums on promoted trades, and generally more friction around receiving cards than people once enjoyed in the "golden years." We've been hearing this feedback for almost a year now, and we realize that we can't wait for our projections to play out.

It's clear to us that many of you are not satisfied with the level of service we're providing, and frankly we're not satisfied with it either. We don't want to be a website that people use grudgingly. We want to be a community teeming with fun—one where people enjoy the common bond of swapping cardboard for the game that we all love. Our goal is the same as it always has been: In short, to be the best trading community in the world.

Changes to PucaTrade (Common Membership)

As a team, we've been brainstorming the options to arrive at a healthier economy. These options all have varying degrees of impact, both on you as the user and on the health of the economy. During these sessions, we decided two things: First, that we're committed to the health of the economy, and we will make whatever changes are necessary to arrive at our destination. Second, we want to start with the change that would least impact you as the user. It's our hope that the changes outlined below will draw us closer to a PucaPoint economy that we all can be happy with.

Effective September 15th, we will introduce new Membership Dues for Common members. These dues will be payable in PucaPoints at the rate of 300 PucaPoints each month. What this means is that each month, Common members must make a contribution of 300 PucaPoints (minus points spent on PucaShield, see below) to satisfy their membership dues. This contribution will be manditory and automatic.

Let's be honest, this will be a hard pill to swallow for some. As a team, we've worked hard on some options to balance this change for our active community members, to help lessen the impact. There are two things that we will couple with this change:

1) Any amount of PucaPoints that you have spent on PucaShield will be deducted from the 300-point fee each month. This is a way for active Common members to offset or completely satisfy their monthly contribution.

2) The ability to add Foil cards to your want list and promote Foil cards will be extended to all Common members. This is a long-requested feature, and we're happy to use this opportunity to provide it.

Common Members, these can now be added to your want list! 

These changes do not affect Uncommon and Rare members. No new dues will be required from members of those tiers. You can read more about this service fee here.

As I said above, we are committed to the health of the PucaPoint economy, and this is the next step on the path. We'll be measuring this change in the month of September, while we continue to evaluate the other options that we have at our disposal. We truly believe that these changes are best for the long-term sustainability of the platform, and that ultimately they'll help put more Magic cards in your mailbox. This is something that everyone on the PucaTrade team wants for this community.

I started this post by calling you Puca Fam. It's because I think that it's the family of committed members like you that will ultimately help PucaTrade realize the vision I talked about above. We'll have another family meeting after September to talk about how the change went, and what (if any) are the next steps. Until then feel free to sound off in our Discord channels.

Jonathan Medina is a casual Magic player and lover of people. He has a long history of writing for various Magic sites. He's currently the Content Manager at PucaTrade, and a semi-regular writer at

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