Community Spotlight: Marcus Millard of PucaMinute Podcast


Here at PucaTrade we like to shine the spotlight on our community members that are involved in projects. Today one of our members Marcus Millard reached a milestone when he published the 100th episode of his podcast “PucaMinute.” We interviewed him to get the scoop.

You're the creator of the PucaMinute podcast. What's it about?

PucaMinute Podcast is a group of friends who met through the MTG community and believe in the PucaTrade mission and the MTG community as a whole. We do fun giveaways, buy/sell/trade product, and share information along the way to help others become better all-around players, traders, and PucaTrade members.

The podcast was started by me due to my complete excitement of using PucaTrade. I received great cards right away at the blink of an eye and I got to move cards that were just no good to me. I purchased a great binder from a guy for $500 and turned it into over 220,000 PucaPoints and I wanted to share the wealth. I also knew that if I could get more people involved, it would be a greater chance of getting more cards and having a home for those cards I didn't need.

How long have you been playing Magic?

As far as how long I have been playing... I remember vividly Christmas 1996 when my mom got me a few packs and sleeves and I was amazed. The art hooked me but the fact that it was also a game sealed my fate. I also ended up getting pretty into the Decipher Star Wars TCG (I still have them all); my close friend and I played casually (both games) in his basement but I grew out of both as a freshman in high school and sold the MTG loot. MISTAKE!

I currently only play MTGO drafts or every other Tuesday draft at my LGS. Having three kids and a wife that isn't a fan... it's just difficult to find time. The time I do create goes to trade talk for the collector in me.

What is your favorite card you've sent and received on Puca?

My favorite card I have ever received was an Alpha Plateau that I still have and will hold for a while. As far as sending goes, I enjoyed sending out two Expedition [[Scalding Tarns] but I have sent so much since joining that I bet I would have a different favorite if I was to go through all my sends to jog my memory.

You've just completed 100 episodes of your podcast. Congratulations on that! What was your favorite moment from the first hundred?

My absolute favorite moment after completing 100 episodes was gaining the support of Eric and the rest of PucaTrade team. When I was able to do the interview at episode 100 I knew all I had worked for and all my team had worked for was worth it.

How has the podcast changed since it began?

The Podcast has come so far. It started out with one giveaway and it was mainly used just to show the incoming and outgoing trades. Now there are more giveaways I can count, we work with PucaTrade for multiple things, and we share so much more knowledge than just trading. I would say the biggest change though is that you don't just hear me anymore; I have a great group and team that help with every episode. This was all done because of the constant support we get.

What are your goals for the next 100 episodes?

My goal for these next 100 episodes is to have it where if you're a member of PucaTrade, you in turn know about the PucaMinute Podcast. I feel we have the ability to share great info that all traders should hear, not to mention the fact that active traders can win giveaways from us and if they don't know about us they can't claim their great prizes! We're just so thankful to be a part of the Give and Let Give movement and mission.

Giveaways are one of the main highlights of your podcast. How do they work, and how can people participate?

There are so many things we do to get product into the hands of our viewers! Our bread and butter has always been our Staple of the Month—we call it the #SOTM on Twitter. Each Patron of ours from gets an entry to win every month. The Staple of the Month card changes each month and we like to do spicy cards such as a Snapcaster Mage Promo, Expeditions, and even Masterpieces.

Other things are given to each Patron depending on their tier. When we first started we gave 300 PucaPoints away every single day for a few months. My current favorite giveaway—that everyone on PucaTrade should be aware of—is the Leaderboard Giveaway. We take the leaderboard for a full week of trading and do a randomized list online and get a trader from that leaderboard that wins the week's prize. Winners can get a rare membership for a month, a PucaTrade playmat, Sleeves, or loot straight from us here at PucaMinute, such as a 100-card Revised-to-current repack set up by Yani, one of the members of my team. All these things can be found on our YouTube channel.

Where can people go to hear past and future episodes of your podcast?

The best link is; this not only brings you to our YouTube channel where all of our goodies are, but you can also watch the best box of Modern Masters 2017 ever opened. I won't spoil the whole box; however, I will say that there is one pack opened with two Tarmogoyfs in it. I urge the viewers to find a better box than this one! If anyone needs further information on anything, my direct messages are always open on Twitter (@pucaminute) or on our Facebook fan page (Puca Minute Pod). There is nothing I enjoy more than talking and helping the loyal viewers of the PucaMinute and the traders of PucaTrade.

Marcus, thanks so much for your interest in PucaTrade, and for your enthusiasm! You've been a positive and uplifting member of this community, and it's an honor to support you in your production. Best of luck with the next 100 episodes!

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