The Five Best 5-Color Lands in Commander


My Top 5 color-fixing cards for Commander have a few criteria: They need to make all five colors of mana (of course), they need to come into play untapped, and they can't negatively impact my ability to cast the spells I want, when I want them. Some of these are better suited to two or three–color decks and might not be the right choice for a five-color deck, but all have homes in many of my EDH decks, and I'm always happy to see them.

#5: Mirrodin's Core

Mirrodin's Core

It might surprise you to see this card on the list. It can't be used for colored mana the turn it comes into play, and it needs to be charged up repeatedly to be used as a consistent source of colored mana.

But these things don't matter because we're talkin' Commander today.

I originally began experimenting with Mirrodin's Core in my Rakdos, Lord of Riots EDH deck because he has such greedy color requirements that it's critical my lands make exactly RRBB by turn 4. I quickly realized that Mirrodin's Core got the job done every single time, and I now play it in most of my other two or three–color decks.

Never once have I been burned by this card; the "disability" is irrelevant in Commander, where you frequently have one or more lands left up at the end of your turn and can always have that be Mirrodin's Core. This card never seems to run out of counters.

#4: Reflecting Pool

Reflecting Pool

This is a great card. It smooths out your curve by helping you cast all the cards in your deck that have burdensome mana costs, and it comes into play untapped.

The downside of course is that it doesn't fix your mana on its own if you're missing one of your colors. But I've never had that matter in Commander; just run the other four cards in this article and you'll be fine.  

#3: Exotic Orchard

Exotic Orchard

Ninety-five percent of the time, this card is Command Tower. Five percent of the time, it's a basic land in your colors. You might think "But sometimes it can produce nothing!" but that never happens. We're not talkin' French Commander here.

#2: Command Tower

Command Tower

This card needs no explanation, save that it's #2 and not #1. For that explanation, simply scroll down.

#1: Forbidden Orchard

Forbidden Orchard

That's right, this card is absolutely better than Command Tower in multiplayer Commander. EDH is a political format; fostering informal non-binding alliances against the greatest threat at the table is one of the most powerful things you can do.

I originally started playing this card in Toshiro Umezawa to ensure that there was always a creature on the table that was easy to kill. But I quickly realized that the players that I gave spirits to became allies, and always seemed to use them against other players.

Will the same principle work for [[Varchild's War Riders]]? Stay tuned...

varchild's war riders

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