Enhanced Awareness: Card Pricing (Resolved)


Enhanced Awareness is a series of official posts from the PucaTrade Admin Team. Our goal with these updates is to provide interested PucaTrade members with news about the site, as well as alerts about upcoming changes, technical issues, and planned maintenance windows.

Update: Pricing Issue Resolved (08/04/17)

We have regenerated prices on cards around the site over the last couple of days, and are now happier with the way our price calcuations are performing. If you notice any prices that seem out of order, use the Price Flag icon on the card page to alert us.

Thanks again for your patience.


Card Pricing Issue (08/02/17)

Many financially-minded members have pointed out to the admins on Discord and Uservoice that some card prices around the site have increased in the last week. We investigated this issue and found an error in our daily pricing calculation process. We have corrected this error, and expect base card prices to adjust in the coming days.

If you are concerned about receiving cards at a potentially inflated price, we recommend putting your account on Vacation Mode from your Settings until this issue has been resolved.

We will update this post once we've verified that pricing has recalibrated.

Thank you for your patience. 


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