Sleeves and Playmats for PucaPoints


You can now get sleeves and playmats with your PucaPoints.

Our PucaTrade brand sleeves and playmats have now been added to the PucaTrade database. For a limited time, all you need to do is add them to your Want List and we'll mail them to you from PucaHQ, similarly to any other trade on Puca.

PucaTrade SleevesPucaTrade Sleeves (Vintage)

Supply is limited, so act fast!

All PucaPoints spent on our sleeves and playmats will be destroyed as part of our ongoing commitment to reducing the number of PucaPoints in the ecosystem. You can track the progress of this point reduction effort from our Economics Dashboard.

Many of you have been requesting this feature for a while now, and we're very happy to be able to finally fulfill your request. Until now we haven't had the resources to make it a reality (since it's an initiative that costs us money and makes none), but we were able to set aside some cash in our budget to make it happen.

We hope you'll enjoy your new merch! Send us photos of your Puca-sleeved cards in crazy board-states on your shiny new Puca playmats on Twitter @PucaTrade and on Facebook.

Give and Let Give.

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