Pro-Tip: Finding Promoted Trades


Have you been having a hard time finding the biggest promoted trades to send? There are a few tables that make this much easier. They contain data for the largest PucaPoint bonuses and the largest percentage-bonus offered (in relation to the card’s value).

We recently published these charts both for digital and paper non-foils and foils.

Our live-updating charts are always visible in the Help Center under “Promoting a Trade,” but can also be viewed full screen (instead of in an iframe) here:

Promoted Trades Dashboard (Paper)

Promoted Trades Dashboard (Magic Online

If you're looking for the largest point-bounties on the cards you're sending, keep an eye out for the column showing the "Size of Bonus.

Largest Bounty 

If you're looking for the largest percentage markup on the cards you're sending, you'll find that in the column titled "Bonus %

Bounty Percentage

Note that the Paper Dashboard contains a birds-eye view of how Promoted Trades are performing in general, but to save space and bandwidth we did not replicate those on the Magic Online Dashboard.

In the future, we plan on adding these to the Nexus, but for now we wanted to make sure you knew where to find them. 

Happy Sending!

Still have questions about Promoted Trades? Shoot us an email, we'd be happy to help.

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