Community Spotlight: Sean Thompson


Black LotusThe PucaTrade Community reached another milestone a few days ago when Sean Thompson mailed an Unlimited Black Lotus to Kevin H. Since Black Lotus is basically the most iconic Magic card in existence, we sat down with Sean to ask the question: "Why trade it away?" 

Greetings Sean! Thanks so much for participating in this interview! Let's jump right in. How long have you been playing Magic?

I have been a player and collector since Revised/Fallen Empires were sold in stores, 1995 or so. I remember begging my father as a teenager for money to purchase packs for $1.95 for Fallen Empires and $2.99 for Revised packs or so.  

What formats do you play?

I play primarily Modern or Legacy with friends, and booster drafts at the local LGS. (shout-out to Black Diamond Games in Concord California). 

When did you obtain the Black Lotus and how long have you been trying to move it?

I found the Lotus on a very impulse buy on ebay about a year ago. I reluctantly asked my wife if she would be alright if I were to purchase a Mox Ruby for around $800.00, to my surprise she was all for it. I instead ended up grabbing the Black Lotus for a price I felt I couldn’t pass up.

There are many ways to move a Black Lotus. What made you feel like PucaTrade was the right platform for the job?

I really wanted to hold the Black Lotus as a long-term investment. I know the card will have infinitely higher value as time passes. I listed it on Pucatrade about 6 months ago just out of curiosity to see if anyone had it on a want list. At the time nobody did.

Special Thanks to my trading partner GOVEGANPLEASE, he took care of the shipping cost of the Black Lotus, made the trade flawless. We now have the highest valued trade in the history of the site at press time

An Unlimited Black Lotus is worth more than 600,000 PucaPoints. What do you plan to trade for with the points?

It is alot of points! I feel like a puca-millionaire! My goal as a collector has always been to collect 1 of every card. To date I own approx 50% of all printed, english cards in existence. I saw just recently that sealed product was now being moved across Puca-Trade and I have already received 3 booster boxes to date. With this many points, I’m also trying to get sealed products as well like commander and the planechase anthology.

My want list right now is mainly to finish a couple competitive decks like Modern Jund and Legacy Shardless BUG.

Your trades range from a Nihil Spellbomb all the way up to the Power 9. Do you have a strategy when sending out trades on PucaTrade?

I have mainly sent out low and mid range cards with the intent of getting enough points to finish off and complete sets of cards. I have over 15,000 cards ready to ship out to pucatraders on the site right now. I try to send 3 or 4 at a time to save on postage.

Would you do it again?



Again, a huge Thank You to Sean for taking the time to participate in the inverview today, and for being such a rockstar in the Puca Community. If you'd like to give him props, check out his Want List and help him finish Shardless BUG! 

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