Ten Techniques to Boost Your Inbound Trades


Here at PucaTrade, we get asked this question often: "What can I do to boost my inbound trades?"

We figured that there was no one better to ask then our power traders, so we interviewed the 50 people who received the most cards last month. Here are 10 Puca Pro Tips straight from the minds that know best. We asked: 

"You received over 100,000 points worth of cards last month. What's your secret?"

1. Carry a High Point Balance

This might not be the most intuitive strategy, but of course it makes total sense. If you keep a low point balance, you might not be able to afford the cards on your Want List. And if you can't afford your wants for half the month, you just missed out on 50 percent of your potential trades. Time spent rebuilding your point bank is time that trades that might have gone to you have gone to other people instead.

Also, the traders with the highest point totals (and package values) tend to sift to the top of the available trade tables. The most popular sort is "Value, Descending," and being higher in that sort boosts your visibility to senders.

2. Build Your Puca Profile

If your profile is blank, you might look like you're not very invested in the Puca community. Don't be a stranger! Introduce yourself and add details to your about page such as:

  1. How long you've been playing Magic
  2. Your favorite decks and formats
  3. Your favorite Magic-related pun
  4. Your worst play error in a high pressure scenario
  5. Literally anything else at all

Also, don't forget to set your profile avatar! Sure, the default ones look great but personalization is key here. You can also customize your profile background with you favorite Magic art from any card-detail page.

We suggest anything by Quinton Hoover.

3. Go the Extra Mile

Go the Extra Mile

People remember great trading partners.

Whether it's someone who always sends with incredible speed, perfect packaging, stellar communication, sweet throw-ins, or even just a friendly "Thank You," awesome people get awesome Puca Trades.

4. Upload Every Card You're Willing to Trade

It may take a little work up front, but putting every card you're willing to send on your Have List is something Power Traders unanimously agree is an incredible timesaver in the long run.

By sorting the Send Page using "Package View," you can find and send your best packages instantly, without having to dig through your collection to make sure you have the cards.

Be sure and familiarize yourself with the four fastest ways to add cards to your Have List. They are:

  1. The "Quick Card Adder"  
  2. The Excel Spreadsheet (.csv) Import Tool
  3. The Copy-And-Paste Import tool
  4. ScryGlass Mobile Card Scanner

5. Be Social; Network With Other Traders

The power of networking cannot be overstated.

Trading is fundamentally social—it takes two to trade. Different people have different comfort levels around trading with strangers. So don't be a stranger! Introduce yourself in a new community and get to know some new Planeswalkers.

The best way to build your trading network on PucaTrade is by sending cards and developing a rapport with your trading partners. Keep in touch with them when you're building new decks, and keep an eye out when they add new cards to their Want List.

You can also make your Want List public (from your Settings), and share it with people outside PucaTrade. Anywhere people talk, people trade Magic cards. Whether you're on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, or anywhere else, reach out to the people in your community when there are new cards you need.

6. Send, Send, Send!

There is no better way to incentivize someone to send you cards then by sending them cards first. Consensus among the top traders is that it's just good etiquette to check someone's list whenever they send you cards, and most people on PucaTrade do this as a matter of course.

When you send cards, you also become more visible in a few places around the site. You be added to the Active Traders filter, you'll appear on the Nexus when the cards arrive, and eventually you'll appear on the Leaderboards. All of these things help boost your visibility, and help you stand out from the crowd while you build your reputation in the community.

7. Maximize Value as a Sender by Sending Promoted Trades

There may be a learning curve involved with the Promoted Trades system, but it's worth it to familiarize yourself with it. The top traders agree: Getting extra bonuses on cards you send is awesome, and can really help you get inbound trades for promotions you set as well.  

If you're the type of person that cringes at putting a bonus or promotion on an inbound trade, then you should love receiving bonuses on outbound trades! Think of it this way: If you receive a 50 percent bonus on a card you send, and then offer a 50 percent bonus on a card you want, you break even when someone sends it to you.

8. Give your Want List Some Love!

This is pretty straightforward, but it's very often overlooked: The more cards you have on your Want List, the more likely other people are to find trade matches with you.

I know for a fact that there are more than five Magic cards in the world that you want. If you have less than 20 cards on your Wants right now, spend the next five minutes pretending you're on a shopping spree.

When you have fun with your Want List, you'll have more fun with your mail.

9. Set up a Reciprocal Trade

Sometimes people like to have a guarantee that they'll receive something of equal value right away before they're comfortable mailing some of their more coveted cards. Reciprocal trades are an agreement between two traders to engage in a two-way trade (instead of the standard one-way Puca Trade).    

To use a personal example, here's a rule that I have with cards I pull out of decks: I don't mind taking a card out of a deck as long as it's helping me add a card into another deck I'm building. In the past, reciprocal trades have given me the assurance I needed to justify trading out of decks and into new ones.

Reciprocal trades can be set up anywhere, but the most popular place to make it happen is in Discord. Head to the #trades-paper channel, introduce yourself, and let people know some of the most interesting cards you have, along with a brief overview of what you're looking for.

10. Promote Your Trades

This was by far the most common recommendation from all the Top Traders. The Promoted Trades system is incredibly powerful, and is perhaps the most impactful tool at your disposal to boost your inbound trades.

If you haven't tried it, we strongly recommend that you give it a shot both as a receiver and a sender. You can learn more about this powerful tool in the Help Center, where we also publish a live-updating feed of the highest bonuses and promotions.

We received an incredible number of tips, tricks, and recommendations from the Power Traders we interviewed, but we couldn't fit them all in this article. To see them all, be sure and follow us on Twitter and Facebook, where we'll be publishing them all under #PucaProTips.

Keep us posted and let us know how they work for you!


The entire Puca staff would like to thank all of the top traders for participating in this series, and for helping other PucaTraders share in your success. Your dedication to this community is legendary. Much Respect!

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