Promoted Trades Have Fully Launched


Promoted Trades Have Now Been Fully Released

Today I’m very excited to announce that the Promoted Trades feature has now been rolled out to all remaining cards, including MTGO cards.  You can now modify the PucaValue of cards on your Want List by promoting any card or sealed product in our database.

If you missed our last announcement you can learn more about how promoting a trade works in our help center.  

Over the last couple weeks we’ve been rolling this feature out steadily so that we could ensure that it was having a positive impact on trade, it was received enthusiastically by the PucaTrade community, and that it was having a positive impact on point-reduction. We’ve been tracking our progress closely, and are pleased to announce that it has met each of these criteria.

A Positive Impact on Trade

Almost immediately when we launched this feature, we noticed a significant uptick in trades, both in the count of daily trades and the value traded each day.

Additionally, our live-updating dashboard confirmed that not only were a solid number of trades being promoted, but that they were being fulfilled as well. We published this dashboard on the article announcing the feature and have included it below as well. Going forward it will also be available from the help center page dedicated to Promoted Trades.

A Positive Impact on Point-Reduction

From this dashboard you can also track the progress of the feature from a point-reduction standpoint. In the first two weeks this feature has already removed over 1 million points, which puts it on par with our original forecasts given that only 100-300 cards have been promotable in the initial rollout period.

A full report of our progress with point-reduction is visible from our live-updating economics dashboard in our help center.

Work in Progress - More to Come

There are still a couple small bugs and known issues with Promoted Trades, and we’ll be focusing on resolving these in the coming weeks. A list of known issues can be found on our Trello board. If you bump into an issue and you’d like to bring it to our attention:

  1. Check Trello to ensure that it hasn’t already been reported
  2. Fill out this short questionnaire to ensure that we have all the relevant details we need to resolve the issue.

Once you submit the questionnaire, we’ll create a support ticket on the Trello board for your issue, and you can track its progress to completion.

Discounts for Pro

If you love this new Feature and plan on using it often, be sure and check out our Premium Service packages. We are offering a 33% discount on Promoted Trades for our Rare members and a 20% discount on each trade you promote for Uncommon.

Happy Trading!


Promoted Trades Dashboard (Paper)


Promoted Trades Dashboard (Magic Online)  (Live Updating Stats)


Interpretation of Chart: Promoted Cards Traded Daily vs. Non-Promoted (Count and Value)

This chart tracks the total number of trades from 79 of the cards from our initial cohort of cards that can be promoted (in yellow) as compared to 79 cards of the same name with different expansions that cannot yet be promoted (in blue). For example, Blood Moon (DRK) is counted in the yellow lines because it can be promoted, and Blood Moon (8ED) is be included in the blue lines because it cannot.  

The Y1 axis tracks the count of cards sent, and correlates to the light yellow and light blue lines. The Y2 axis tracks the total value of cards sent, and correlates to the dark yellow and blue lines.

Therefore, if the Yellow lines are consistently higher than the blue, it’s a very strong indication that the promoted trades feature is performing successfully.

For a full walkthrough of the Promoted Trades feature, check out our FAQ

Happy Trading!

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