Introducing: PucaTrade Sweepstakes


Today, PucaTrade is excited to announce something new to use your PucaPoints on.

Sweepstakes Banner

At PucaTrade, our motto is Give and Let Give, and we love any opportunity to live and breathe it. We also know that you love a good giveaway, and when you asked for more ways to leverage the value of your PucaPoints, we heard you. 

To kick things off, in one week a lucky member the PucaTrade community will be shuffling up this shiny Near-Mint Tropical Island!

Tropical Island

You can earn entries into the Sweepstakes for 100 points each (you can use your points to unlock as many entries as you want). You can also earn an additional entry by spreading the word on social media. Check out the Sweepstakes Hub for the full details.

This card has come directly out of founder Eric Freytag’s Jenara, Asura of War Commander deck and has been lovingly fetched by him since 2004.  

Tropical Island | Anycraze

Earlier this year we made an ongoing commitment to remove more PucaPoints from the PucaTrade economy, and we’ve made significant progress on that goal.

We’re excited about this giveaway because it’s another way for us to support this objective while putting sweet cards into hands of our community. 

See you soon on your own private island!


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