Survey Results - Promoted Trades


Yesterday, we published and article announcing our plans to include member-generated prices in the Promoted Trades feature. Included in the article was a survey where you could vote on your Top 5 picks for cards to be included in the initial rollout of the feature. For those that missed it, you can participate here: 


Here are all the cards that have received more than 5 votes from the community so far: 

Abrupt Decay
Aether Vial
Arid Mesa
Cavern of Souls
Chalice of the Void
Chandra Torch of Defiance
Flooded Strand
Force of Will
Inkmoth nexus
Jace, the mind sculptor
Jace, Vryn's Prodigy
Liliana of the Veil
Misty Rainforest
Mox Opal
Nahiri, The Harbinger
polluted delta
Scalding Tarn
Snapcaster mage
Thought-Knot Seer
Torrential Gearhulk
Underground Sea
Verdant Catacombs
Voice of Resurgence

Honorable Mention: 

Uncle Istvan

 At the end of every survey, I always invite people to share any additional thoughts they have.

Survey Question

I love doing this, and always read through the results. It helps me keep my finger on the pulse of what’s important to other PucaTraders, and gives me greater clarity around public perception of pro’s and con’s to any feature or policy update.   

I thought you might be interested as well, so without further ado here are each of the additional thoughts that other PucaTraders have shared so far in yesterday’s survey, completely unedited:  

Keep up the good work!

Rock on.

Good jobs gents. Look forward to when this will apply to all cards.

I hope that when this goes live you crack down on people who advertise bounties in their profile/name in the same way you crack down on people selling points. 

Glad to see this common practice become a feature.

How is this going to affect the premium users who pay to be able to wire points?  Performing bounties is basically the primary function of free point transfers as far as the site is concerned, and that's one of the main benefits of being a paid subscriber.


This feature gives even less of a reason to be premium.  What new features should we expect for the paying members to compensate for this?  Making it cheaper for paid members to use these official bounties isn't an improvement upon what they have already paid for.

Keep up the good work

Variable, based on membership level; 5%, 7%, 10%. Happy regardless, though would like it to test at 15% of the total bounty (at time initiated, and taken then) due to the number of people trying to cash out who will use this feature.

This is the most important feature yet.

30% should be payed to promote for gold

40% should be payed to promote for silver

50% should be payed to promote for standard

I only got to pick 5 cards, Also I would like a way to vote for "all original Dual Lands"

The fee should be zero PP.

I find it kind of strange to charge more on top of paying more for the card

10% flat rate seems too high based on most of my needs being Power 9 and older reserved list cards. I have a feeling I would not use the feature at 10K or more pp to promote my desired trade.

Happy that Puca trade is implementing features like this! Good luck, I hope Puca Trade continues these efforts to engage the community.

I really like this idea because, as the article mentions, it returns usernames, guarantees that a sender will receive the full bonus, and allows regular users to compete with premium users meaning more trades are conducted on a regular basis. If everybody has a chance to compete than people will be willing to send out more cards in order to "afford" offering larger bonuses. 

I hope this works as it's a great idea.

I'm curious to know what would happen to the 'gift point' feature.  If it remains, wouldn't users simply continue offering bounties on top of the promotions? I feel like it would be most effective if the gifting feature was removed or changed to get rid of the current bounty system completely in favour of the promotion system.

have you ever watched an apple get run over by a garbage truck and wished it were you instead

Careful with this feature! I really like it, but lloks like in the end, it will become 'spam' content, everybody asking for cards like "send cards to me!", "I pay more!" and so.

I believe it should be done from a sender's point of view. The sender should be the one able to access and see this information, and not people just browsing Puca. I wouldn't like to log in one day and see spam all over because of people constantly requesting to be sent cards...

Please dont make any difference between the rankings its already hard enough for common traders to get any cards. This gives us a little bit of a opportunity to finally get the cards weve been waiting for.

Instead of setting a fixed price the option to set an amount above the default price or a percent of the default price (as is done now) would be useful in addition to the ability to set a fixed price.

Even though the cards I suggested didn't fulfill this criterion, the initial cards you can set your own prices for should span a wide range of points, from dual lands to Aether Hub.

I think if the fee is too high people will continue using bounties outside of the system.

The tax should be far below 10% and (possibly) tied to tiers.

Please remember to make this new feature availeble for foils also. 

I'm looking very much forward to see how this works, especially how common members abillity to offer bonuses in an 'official' way wil change things. Good job!

I would like to propose better prices for a lot of modern staples

ability to give bounties should be a common feature

I support Puca.

I've had tones of successful trades, and had changed hotter I trade. Hopefully everyone else realizes that. 

I think this feature should be for Uncommon & Rare users only.

Thanks for the continued effort to improve the site. I've been a member for years, and would love a return to the "buyer's market" we had at launch. I would build EDH decks overnight. It was great. Cheers!

i am really looking forward for this feature, but please make it available to ALL users

Are the fees paid by card? As in if i want multiples of the same card i have to pay multiple fees. It shouldn't be. 

We should be able to get a partial refund in case we remove the card(s) from our want list and don't desire the promoted trade anymore. In case we want it back again in the future, we'd have to pay it again.

Hi PucaTeam. Please implement this feature and leave it custom for all cards!!! It is what it makes sense. The user that wants to receive the cards should be able to input the amount of points (or the extra %) they are willing to give away for the trade. If they want to "pay" double just because they really need it, there is no reason not to allow it. Both the sender and the receiver will gain from this. And trades will happen much faster. Congrats for the great work on the website.

I think 10% is too much just to use this feature since it's just cheaper to continue advertising in the username this way.

Please consider instituting an auto-vacation mode for inactive users. If a user doesn't log onto their account every 15 or 30 days, it puts them on Vacation mode until they log back in. 


We need a "Select All/Select None" option for our messages, so we can delete messages easier. 

I haven't received a trade, despite having the points and valuable wants, in a very long time. I upgraded to a rare account to try to get some trades and still nothing. I refuse to pay a premium just to get any card sent to me. All this to say, I think bonuses and bounties are not good for the health of this site's economy and they should be done away with, not promoted.

10% sounds a lot, especially since bounties are supposed to be mainly to push high end cards that get traded rarely, which are expensive, so using a high % fee goes right against it.

Expand your store options, work with vendors to get PP as an accepted currency. Not sure how feasible that is, but right now no one wants points, they want trades. If we all have to use Discord to get (mostly reciprocal) trades, then PP continues to become irrelevant. 

Tell Jared to do his dishes!

If priority visibility will remain, and Im guessing it will as you thing that gain is most important this site will fall. People already know that without subscription they are simply losers - card donors and wont take part in it. This site would work normaly if you would find another inceome sources, but not the one of highest priority functionality. If you lose all confidence of your clients this site will die, as no one will send cards. Honestly cant wait for monthly deal statistics, and if you wont falsify them it will be proof of all my considerations. But its up to you. Im not the owner and manager of this site.

The first 5 fields in this survey are all labeled X of 10, but I don't think there's actually a 10 involved.  Just FYI. :)

Lee up the good work with rolling out new changes. Hoping to see more activity from these features

I wish that you guys where able to retain the trade base after future sight. I remember before the sight was upgrade I was nearly able to fully complete a modern Jund deck, but now I can barely manage to get even small trade value trades.


I know that you can't change this, but I was just wanted to let you guys know because this was one of my favorite sites for a long time and to watch it slowly crumble to the ground deeply saddens me.

If there is a big fee on promoting it, what's to stop people from promoting it how they do it now for free? 

I think it would be valuable to have a community support person chime in on /r/PucaTrade to let folks know that their concerns are being heard and addressed. It would really help promote community cooperation and enthusiasm, and perhaps bring more traders back into active participation. Just a thought!

I think it makes more sense to take a cut of the bounty, rather than a cut of the face value of the card.

I don't feel you should pay for a promotion until a trade is actually completed. Escrow the fee when the trade is initiated, then finalise when the trade completes. 

At the very least You probably shouldn't charge a person again if they change the amount of their promotion.

I think this feature will help the community, and it should be rolled out after initial testing.

Fee should only be charged if the card is sent. Paying up front for a card you may never receive is not great.

I think bounties should not be allowed in users handles.  This can be done by banning certain words & symbols.  For example, do not allow the words "bounty, bounties, or bonus" as well as the symbol "%."  And a new issue is arising (I know because I am guilty of it myself).  To stay afloat in the category of "Active Traders" one needs to stay "active" - but now that means I/we will slow roll our trades to just stay on the list.  So now, I send out only 1 or 2 trades a week, opposed to when I was a frenzied trader, sending out 8 - 20 packages a week.  One way to combat this is to have an internal list based on how much one has traded, not just "if" they have traded.  This will reward those who do the most trading.  

Just an idea. Consider also a way to promote those who have the card more time in the want list, even including a fee.

I feel that there should be some kind of buy list in addition to the promotions. I would like it if you could pay a lot, maybe 50-75%, to be the only available option for sending cards for a day or something like that. It would be very helpful for people like me that just want a card and soon. Otherwise, the promotions are a great improvement!

It would be very interesting, especially for the Brazilian community, that language price differences did not exist, we lost many trades and Puca points because of this difference

I think a fee for wanting to pay more on cards is counter-intuitive. I understand to have a balanced economy, there needs to be point sinks. But what is paying more for a card worth less than the price you pay if not a point sink? Confused why paying more should come with paying even more. Especially with the way I used to get cards, and the way I really barely ever get anything now. 

Give and Let Give

Enforce registered shipping/mailing on Pucatrades above 1000-1500 Pucapoints worth of cards. 

Honestly, I feel that the bounties have killed the value of the puca point. I think all point sending should be done through a system like this and not allowed between users.

Promotions should cost only a small amount of PucaPoints.  They could help reduce the net amount of PP, but as inflation occurs Promotions may become a necessity in order to get the cards people need.

I think fee for that should be a percentage of bonus offered and not of the cards value

No one has initiated a trade with me in months, is the trade volume actually down or am I just unlucky?

Nope, pucatrade rocks!

Do not change the "tax" on bounties based on membership, common members are already too far behind the other members

i wish you the very best in your endeavour to restoring pucatrade to the prosperous days of yore!





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