Steady Progress: 2


Hello. I'm Mitch Trale -- Technologist at PucaTrade.  Steady Progress is a series of posts detailing upcoming technology changes at PucaTrade. My goal is to share something new that will be released soon, something that's in the works, and some important issue or question we’ve identified on PucaTrade. These posts will appear every week or two.

Something New

Last week I mentioned a new “bleeding edge” version of PucaTrade, which would be made available to our subscribers. We’re calling this version Flux, and our goals for this system are:

  1. To get early community feedback on new designs and changes
  2. To identify and isolate bugs in new features
  3. To monitor trade activity and other key metrics in a controlled environment, so we can better measure the impact of our work

Early next week, we'll release this new environment to all subscribers.


Something Coming

Following last week’s update, the Give and Let Give / Active Traders filter is now being tested on Flux. We’ve also added a New Traders filter, which will highlight members who have joined the site recently, and who have not yet received cards. Sending trades to these folks will inspire these new traders to use the site more frequently, and will encourage them to send cards out to other New and Active Traders.

These features will live in Flux for a few days, while we monitor their use and ensure that they are tuned correctly. Once we’re confident in their stability, we’ll release these filters to the rest of the site -- probably sometime late next week.



Something Else

I mentioned in my last post that we are exploring options around opening up our API to our subscribers. Our API represents a structured way of accessing PucaTrade data -- card info, trade details, trends, pricing, and more. I received a couple of helpful notes from readers who were interested in this data, so we’ve put together a survey to help us further assess how our API would be used, and by whom. Please consider answering these 5 simple questions below, so we can get a better idea of how to move forward with this feature. 


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That's it for this week. Next week I'll be back with more news on Flux, early looks at upcoming features, and updates on critical bug fixes. 

Thanks for reading and trading.



MCT is a Technologist at PucaTrade. Email him at Find him on Twitter @johanmagnus94 and @mitchtrale

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