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Hey traders. Today I want to revisit Magic Online redemptions through PucaTrade. In my last article I talked about what redemptions are, how to redeem them and how to use PucaTrade to acquire the cards. At that time I had completed the Khans of Tarkir redemption and was awaiting its arrival.

It arrived safe and sound and I am planning to rotisserie draft it at some point with the Puca crew. Since completing that redemption, I've done two Magic Origins redemptions and have also received those. My goal is to complete a play set of Jace, Vryn's Prodigy through redemption (currently mising five cards for the third). This may seem like a lot of work for a playset of a single card, but that leads me to "the why". 

Giving Back
As most of us know the motto at PucaTrade is "Give and Let Give." I figure what better way to give back than to send as many of the paper cards I've received from the redemptions back out on PucaTrade. I've kept a few of the cards, but other than that, they are all going back out to PucaTraders. If you want to help me fill in the blanks, you can be sure the paper cards will get back out to the community.

One of our avid international senders named Phillip (from Poland) had contacted me and wanted to know if I would help him save some money, by doing a redemption of KTK for him. I figured, why not? He transferred me his cards online and some money for the Redemption/Shipping. Wizards of the Coast charges $29.99 for international shipping. I shipped him all the rares and mythics for about $13. It was cheaper for me keep the uncommons and commons, so those will just get thrown into my daily trades as well.

The Value
I was interested to know what the differences were between the digital and paper sets. I've gathered some data from our cards database to show how much digital vs. paper sets are worth and the digital percentage value. For example, if you were to gather all the Magic Origins cards through PucaTrade and redeem that (for the price of $24.99 + S&H), you would net over 10,000 PucaPoints for about $28. Below are the values of each set in PucaPoints in their respective versions (all values as of 12/5/2016).

   Expansion Digital Value Paper Value Digital Percentage
  Kaladesh 8,573 31,731 27.02%
  Eldritch Moon 13,804 21,436 64.40%
  Shadows Over Innistrad 7,187 23,063 31.16%
  Oath of the Gatewatch 9,836 13,094 75.12%
  *Eternal Masters 16,906 66,943 25.25%
  Battle for Zendikar 8,004 16,326 49.03%
  Magic Origins 5,283 15,511 34.06%
  *Modern Masters 2015 Edition 28,149 72,107 39.04%
  Dragons of Tarkir 5,341 12,728 41.96%
  Fate Reforged 3,941 8,124 48.51%
  Khans of Tarkir 5,717 14,864 38.46%
  *Magic 2015 Core Set 6,951 16,992 40.91%
  *Journey into Nyx 5,138 11,180 45.96%
  *Born of the Gods 1,535 7,559 20.31%
  *Theros 2,635 13,374 19.70%
  * Not redeemable or redemption has passed (12/6/2016)

Redemption Dates Reminder

What have I learned
Finding the missing cards: In my first article I talked about having to determine the cards you are missing. It was brought to my attention by one of our members (via Discord), that you can use the quantity filter to use min and max quantity as zero. I figured there had to be an easy way, but my internet searches had failed me. This method will show you the cards you are missing and you can export that as a list to import straight to your want list on PucaTrade.

After receiving the redemption: If I wanted to send most of these cards out, I needed to get them on my have list. This was simple. I just went to my profile and clicked the "Collection" tab. There, you can add a complete set to your have list and match those with fellow traders.

That's it for today, but I hope others are redeeming sets like I have been able to. These do take some work to pull off, but when the FedEx guy shows up with your cards, it makes it all worth it!

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