Queuing with Crewmanwilson EMN Draft

"What a marvelous night for a moondance"
 What's good, Pucatraders? My name is Wilson Fisher. You may remember me from such articles as Intro to Cubing, Drafting Magic Origins, or Dawn Charm: The New Cryptic Command? Today we are going to dive head first into a Magic Online Eldritch Moon draft!

 Without giving too much away, I feel like the draft portion of this video best demonstrates how much equity you can gain by staying open during the draft. And by staying open, I, by no means, am saying that you should be one color through pack 1 and then find your identity in pack 2. You should be able to audible into another strategy at the drop of the hat. They bob, you weave. They zig, you zag. What prompts that zagging can be a number of different things. Maybe you open a bomb rare in another color. Perhaps there are 6 other drafters at your table who are all in your colors. Who knows. Listen to your heart.
 While I have not put as many reps in at the Innistrad gym, I can already see that Eldritch Moon is a very different format from Shadows of Innistrad limited. SOI was more about finding your place in the sky and having an archetype, while EMN is more like a traditional draft format, adhering to conventional wisdoms. Another thing I have noticed with EMN is, while not as extreme, it is very similar to Fate Reforged. "What ever do you mean?" Well, many of the rares in FRF were complete A+ bombs. You knew you fell on hard times if you had to pass your rares, and I believe EMN is cut from the same ilk. Many of the rares from EMN can swing a deck a whole letter grade upward. So keep an eye out for those bomby rares that can transform a mediocre deck into a memorable one.
 I hope you enjoyed the video and please stay tuned for more in the future! While you bide your time waiting for the next installment of Queuing with Crewmanwilson here on PucaTrade, come check out my stream at twitch.tv/crewmanwilson every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday starting at 5 PM PST and ending at 8:00 PM.

Wilson Fisher has played Magic: the Gathering since 1997 and other collectible card games since 1995.  He has one top 8 StarcityGames Legacy appearance and he was on the Pro Tour for VS System (a superhero based card game). Wilson owns a power cube and dabbles in Commander, Standard and Limited formats.

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