Queuing with Crewmanwilson: Twisted Color Pie Cube


What's good, Pucatraders? My name is Wilson Fisher. You may remember me from such articles as Intro to CubingDrafting Eldritch Moon, or Dawn Charm: The New Cryptic Command! Today we are going to dive head first Twisted Color Pie Cube!

A few months ago, Magic online had a contest where amatuer cube designers were able to submit their list for a chance for it to be played on Magic online. Timothee Simonot’s Twisted Color Pie Cube was the one selected, and for good reason. The cube is based on the principle of mixing up the roles of what each color does. For instance, blue is most notably known for artifacts and control, but in this cube, blue is the aggressive color. While the idea of this cube is great, and also great for inspiring others to build cubes outside of the established norms, I believe the execution could have been better. When you are cubing, you want the card power levels to be spread across the cube, while this version saw cards like Orcish Artillery next to cards like Opposition. I feel like if you are going to present a cube with a general theme throughout, that theme should be attacked.

I would like to highlight round 1 game 2. This is a game that we were looking behind for most of the game, but through a series of fortunate events and draws, we were able to find a line that won us the game. Now, while this may be easy to say, I cannot stress enough that, even though you are considerably behind in a game, and things are looking bleak, stick with it. You never know when a draw step can lead to a line where you win the game on the spot.

I hope you enjoyed the video and please stay tuned for more in the future! While you bide your time waiting for the next installment of Queuing with Crewmanwilson here on PucaTrade, come check out my stream at twitch.tv/crewmanwilson every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday starting at 5 PM PST and ending at 8:00 PM.

Wilson Fisher has played Magic: the Gathering since 1997 and other collectible card games since 1995.  He has one top 8 StarcityGames Legacy appearance and he was on the Pro Tour for VS System (a superhero based card game). Wilson owns a power cube and dabbles in Commander, Standard and Limited formats.

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