Notes on a Boat Part 2:
Landing Future Site


I’m Mitch Trale: Technologist at I’m here to address the transition we made from PucaTrade’s Revised version to the Future Site version, which you are now using. This is a continuation of a previous post, about the launch and landing of Future Site.


Since we migrated the Revised version of PucaTrade to Future Site three months ago, we have been steadying the ship.  Technologically, we have been stable for the last two months, and have delivered weekly progress on important issues, while creating many new features in response to your feedback along the way. Economically, we have made great strides in Net Point Reduction and have made progress around stimulating and distributing trades among our members.

We spend a lot of time at the office thinking about how to move PucaTrade forward. But with this post, I’d like to look backwards instead — to take an opportunity to appreciate what we have accomplished with Future Site — and in doing so, I'd like to recognize the many people who have made those accomplishments possible.

Customer Success 

Our members are the reason we are here, and every day, it is our job to support them. Our Customer Success team answers questions, resolves cases, manages card prices, and responds to requests made by our members all over the Internet. I’ve always been proud to work alongside the folks who take care of our customers day in and day out, and I’d like to acknowledge the especially challenging work done by this team during the Future Site launch process. These individuals were graceful and patient under pressure, and I truly appreciate their contributions.

Timothy Davis

Michael Paul Skipper

Kush Singhal

Rob Cheifetz

Jared Tomlinson

Serena Quinn



PucaTrade is unlike most other web sites. Understanding the challenges and opportunities presented by a community and trading platform of this kind is not easy or obvious. The people below have all contributed positive insights and new ideas to Future Site, and have done so with a respect for our existing members, and an open mind towards supporting the next generation of PucaTraders. These people turned hundreds of hard questions and rough ideas about what Future Site could be, into real plans, designs, campaigns, and business intelligence. They deserve considerable credit for their impact on the project, and I've appreciated learning from them over the last 18 months.

Eric Freytag

Dan Miller

Jordan Batch

Mike Lee

Vinnie Balistreri

Gaurav Saini



As the technology lead at PucaTrade, I've worked closely with every person who contributed code to the Future Site project. These creative people produced Javascript, server configurations, deploy scripts, automatching algorithms, database architecture, security recommendations, and so much more. I appreciate the specialized knowledge that each individual on this list brought to the project, and their generosity in sharing it with all of us.

Chris Powell

Cody Blanchard

Pavel Kononov

Richard Prokopyshen

Casey Stewart

Timothy Jay

Long Doan

Topher White

Igor Yakutovich 



Finally, I’d like to extend my appreciation to our community of committed traders, who have stuck with us through our transition to Future Site, and who have helped us see new ways to improve the site every day. Even before we launched FS at the end of August, our active traders were there, helping test our early-access Lightbox version released in June. We’ve received tons of constructive criticism and suggestions from these traders, and in many cases, we have directly applied these ideas to Future Site. PucaTrade continues today as a vibrant and active trading community thanks in no small part to these committed individuals.

If you’re reading this now and count yourself among these people: thank you.


What Comes Next

For many of us on the team, the creation and launch of Future Site was the hardest professional project we'd ever undertaken. There were so many hidden complexities, surprises, and problems encountered throughout, and at times it seemed like we would never be finished. But we got there, and we learned so much along the way. I am proud of the things we built together, as a team and as a community. 

From here, we just keep going. We keep building and trading as much as we can. We won't spin up a development initiative the size of Future Site again any time soon, but we will continue to move the platform forward carefully and incrementally, working with our community along the way. 

That's it from me, for now. Thanks for reading and trading.


MCT is a Technologist at PucaTrade. Email him at Find him on Twitter @johanmagnus94 and @mitchtrale

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