Flashback of Insight 76 How to Host a Draft


This week: We are hard at work finishing up Future Site, and thought it would be fun to flashback a cast from the bin. This was a popular episode and hopefully some who haven't heard it get a chance. We'll be back next week as scheduled.

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Flashback of Insight #76 - How to Host a Draft

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In which:

  • We answer a question suggested by trader and contributor Aaron Grassley:
  • What are tips, tricks & ideas for hosting a draft at home with magic buddies?
  • Presumably you want exactly 8 people. Make a list of people to invite. Wait for feedback before inviting replacements.
  • Slack is a cool tool for organizing events. Everyone can communicate together.
  • Format flexibility helps to make things fun for everyone. Extra folks might want to play Commander, Modern, Standard, etc.
  • Hosts should be responsible for setting the tone and establishing house rules; providing drinks, snacks, and music.
  • Have a set starting time.
  • House rules can include rare drafting at the end of the night based on performance. Someone should be able to understand tie breakers. Rare drafting keeps all the players interested throughout the draft.
  • What can you do to be a good guest? Clean up your dishes. Bring drinks for others. Unsleeve your basic lands.
  • Have fun and experiment! Keep drafting!

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