Commenting Temporarily Disabled


In the beginning, the Puca Blog did not feature reader comments. We built the Revised blog in 2013 using an article publishing system I had created years prior, and we recognized that doing comments right would require more time than we could afford to spend. Then, as now, our core commitment was to provide powerful trading tools to our community, and building a sophisticated commenting solution for the blog was outside of that scope.

Over the years our blog has grown, and has become home to some incredibly fresh columns and columnists. We realized we had to get some kind of commenting in place to support these columns, so we set up the Facebook Social Comment Plugin.

This worked well enough for a year or so.

Last Fall, Facebook comments began to disappear from our blog posts. This happened inconsistently, on some posts but not others, and we could find no obvious reason for these disappearances. We spent time adjusting our Facebook meta tags, and trying to get an improved implementation of Facebook's Open Graph protocol, in the hopes that our comments would magically reappear once we got the settings right.

Unfortunately this did not happen. We contacted Facebook, and received a semi-automated response explaining that our pages had been marked as "Inappropriate Content" by their systems, and that we could submit to them for a review of our blog. In the meantime, their Social Plugin would be disabled or unreliable on our site.

In light of the challenges around making Facebook comments work for us, we have decided to temporarily disable blog commenting. This is not an ideal situation, but we feel it's better to prevent people from posting comments than to have them writing thoughtful responses, which later disappear.

Our plan is to implement a more robust commenting system for the launch of Future Site.

Thanks for your patience as we work through these issues.






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