All the Good News: December 6, 2016


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A couple weeks have passed since the last good news article, but there’s plenty good to share this week! To start with, there’s been a booster pack worth of Aether Revolt cards previewed, as well as a preview schedule announced by WotC. On the PucaTrade front, we have some good news about a new trade option, as well as the Top Paper Trades for the month of November. Also, there are rather brief debriefings on GP Madrid, GP Denver, and the SCG Atlanta Invitational. Lastly, as always, there are a couple reminders on the events coming up to be on the lookout for.

Aether Revolt

Aether Revolt Early Previews
The official Aether Revolt preview week is set to begin on January 2nd and run through the 5th. However, WotC is already getting the Aether Revolt hype machine started. The planeswalker deck planeswalkers Ajani, Valiant Protector and Tezzeret, Master of Metal were previewed on Monday, along with the packaging which features Chandra and another unnamed character.

Also, WotC revealed the regular version Ajani, Ajani Unyielding, and announced that more December previews are coming as well as a surprise on Christmas Day. Notable previews include Battle at the Bridge, Disallow, Yahenni’s Expertise. Also, Trophy Mage? Yes please.

You can take a look at rest of the previewed cards here on PucaTrade.

PucaTrade News - Sealed Product Now PucaTradable
If you haven’t notice, sealed product has been added to the PucaTrade database. While not everything is up there, you can find current product like Kaladesh Booster Boxes, or Kaladesh - Booster Packs. Bundles and Planeswalker decks and even gift boxes are now tradable.

Top Paper PucaTrades For the Month of November
This week, we have the Top Paper Trades for last month. In the next All the Good News, there’ll be a report on November’s top mtgo trades.

Without further ado, below are the top ten most valuable cards traded on PucaTrade for November.

1. Mishra's Workshop Antiquities – 70,945 points
2. Gaea's Cradle Judge Promos – 60,008 points
3. Moat Legends – 56,390 points
4. Black Lotus (CE) Collector's Edition – 48,549 points
5. Winter Orb Limited Edition Alpha – 38,892 points
6. Mana Drain Judge Promos – 35,030 points
7. Armageddon Limited Edition Beta – 32,756 points
8. Elvish Archers Limited Edition Alpha – 31,530 points
9. Underground Sea Revised Edition – 31,391 points
10. Volcanic Island Unlimited Edition – 29,955 points

Below is the list of the ten most traded cards for the month of November.

1. Harnessed Lightning 346 trades
2. Aether Hub 323 trades
3. Blossoming Defense 267 trades
4. Ceremonious Rejection 211 trades
5. Topan Freeblade 211 trades
6. Bristling Hydra 197 trades
7. Thraben Inspector 192 trades
8. Unlicensed Disintegration 187 trades
9. Smuggler's Copter 184 trades
10. Cathartic Reunion 182 trades

Notable trades that didn’t make the list: 25 Kaladesh Inventions, including 4 Sol Ring, 4 Mana Vault, and 2 Mana Crypt. An alt-art foil Kaya, Ghost Assassin was traded. Also, five different reserved list dual lands were traded this November.

Ishkanah, Grafwidow

GP Denver - Standard
This past weekend, Standard players converged on Denver to battle it out. But it was Matt Severa’s weekend again, as he took down his third GP this year, this time playing a Mardu Vehicles deck featuring 4 Smuggler's Copters and 3 Cultivator's Caravans in the main, and 2 Skysovereign, Consul Flagships in the sideboard. The top 8 meta was diverse, and only included two identical archetypes.

Full coverage can be found here.

GP Madrid - Standard
The Standard Grand Prix in Madrid attracted nearly 1,500 players, and the popular Red-Green Aetherworks Marvel deck, piloted by Carmine D’aniello, triumphed over the competition. Interestingly, the top 8 in Madrid was dominated by the R/G Aetherworks Marvel deck, with that archetype claiming 50% of the top 8.

Full coverage can be found here.

SCG Atlanta Invitational – Standard and Modern
The Star City Games Atlanta Invitational pitted players against each other in both Standard and Modern. Jacob Baugh won the invitation playing Dredge in Modern and Naya Aetherworks in Standard. More than half the top 8 meta in Standard consisted of some sort of Aetherworks deck. The Modern top 8 looked quite diverse with only Dredge and Grixis Delver being represented twice each.

Full coverage of the event and more decklists can be found here.

Grand Prix Milwaukee is this weekend and features Kaladesh Sealed, and will be the last limited GP before Aether Revolt. The WotC fact sheet does not include any information about live coverage.

RPTQs are this weekend and the format is Modern. If you qualified at a PPTQ, check the WotC schedule here to see if you can compete at an upcoming RPTQ.

That’s All the Good News!


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