91% Fewer PucaPoints: PucaTrade's Progress in 2016


This Year, PucaTrade Cut Point-Production by 91%

Earlier this year, we committed to a series of initiatives to reduce the number of PucaPoints in the economy.  As part of our strategy to keep demand for points high, we launched initiatives to decrease the number of points we create, and launched two new ways for points to exit the system (PucaShield and Profile Customization).

These initiatives are working. We’re now producing a net of 91% fewer points than we were in January 2016.

Point-reduction in 2016

At PucaTrade, our mission is to put as many cards into the hands of as many Magic players as possible, as quickly as possible. We’ve seen positive correlation between a lower number of points in the ecosystem and the speed that trades are initiated.  

In the last 30 days following the launch of Future Site, we facilitated 276,031 trades--a daily average of 9,201 cards. This is consistent with our prior 30-day average in the month before Future Site launched.

We believe we can do even better. New features and initiatives in production right now will bring us to a state of net-reduction each month, whereby more points are exiting the economy than entering.  

Next Milestone: Net Reduction

This month, we plan to release yet another point-sink; a feature that will allow you to promote the cards you want most.

We’ve noticed that some PucaTraders are already promoting their high-priority wants using their usernames or the bio space on their profiles. We’d like to migrate towards a system where your name is used for your actual name, but we do acknowledge that many people would like way to call attention to the card they want most.

With the extra space available on each card detail page, we’ll offer you the ability to promote a listing for your most wanted card. Here’s a mockup of the design goal:

Promoted Wants

For 500 PucaPoints or so, you can be seen above the crowd. These points will be removed from the PucaTrade system entirely.

We’ll be publishing another blog for a deeper dive into the mechanics of this feature, but for now let’s focus on the effect it will have on point-supply.

We expect this feature to be a very effective point-sink. Even if a mere 300 of the 10,000 trades each day are promoted trades (at a promoted cost of 500pp), this feature would pull 4,500,000 points out of the system each month (which would be almost twice the points created each month). Combined with PucaShield and Profile Customization, we’d be pulling out a net of 6 million points each month.

Even if this feature was one-thirds as effective as forecasted, it will still achieve net-reduction when combined with PucaShield and profile customization.

More MTG for You

In a recent survey, we learned that many of you want three things from Puca above all else:

  1. More transparency about the economics behind PucaTrade
  2. More things to spend PucaPoints on
  3. More Magic cards

We want these things too.

We acknowledge that we could have (and should have) been been more communicative about the progress we’ve been making since our last economics review back in May. We hope you’ll see this article as a renewed commitment to better communication on this topic. We’ll be publishing economics updates here on our blog once per month at minimum. We’ll also be publishing each monthly update on our Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit accounts so following us here or on any of those three places is the best way to stay in the loop on this topic.

We also found a way to give you more things to spend your PucaPoints on (spoiler alert: it’s more Magic Cards).

We’re hosting a Sweepstakes giveaway for a NM Revised Tropical Island.  This card comes directly out of founder Eric Freytag’s Jenara, Asura of War Commander deck and has been lovingly fetched by him since 2004. We’re excited about this giveaway because it’s yet another way for us to support our objectives around point-reduction while putting sweet cards into hands of our community.

Sweepstakes Hub | PucaTrade 

To learn more about PucaTrade Sweepstakes and for a chance to win click here.

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