Welcome Tradetacular Traders!


On behalf of the PucaTrade community, I’d like to extend a big welcome to all the new traders from Tradetacular!

For those who don’t know, after three strong years the MtG Trading website Tradetacular has decided to close its doors.  In service to its community of traders, the founders have decided to re-direct traffic Tradetacular’s domain to to help them hit the ground running on our free trading website. 

The PucaTrade system is a bit different than Tradetacular system, and I’ll do my best to highlight some differences between the two sites. 

Give and Let Give

This is actually one of the best ways to describe the ethos of our site, as well as the way we do things from a functional standpoint.  On PucaTrade, you can send as many cards as you want as many people as you want (via the Send Cards page).  As you do, you’ll earn PucaPoints equivalent to the value of the cards you send. 

In this way, PucaPoints are a numerical representation of how much you’ve contributed to the community. 

Once you have PucaPoints, cards on your Want List that you can ‘afford’ will appear on the Send Cards page, and other people will send you cards just like you did for them. 

We’ll pay it forward by starting you with some points so you can get a feel for how it all works.  Check out the Give and Let Give page to get started.

Further graphical resources and tutorials can be found on our guide page and our FAQ, and if you ever have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to click the little blue button at the bottom-right hand of every Page.  

I know all veteran PucaTraders will help you along with any questions you may have as well.  There’s always vibrant PucaTrade discussion occurring on Twitter @PucaTrade as well. 

Welcome to the Puca Community!  We very much look forward to trading with you all. 


Eric Freytag


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