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Howdy folks! It's Joe again and we're here with a little bit more Legacy content to whet your proverbial whistle! This week we're gonna dive into a topic that's been hotly debated since Pro Tour 25th Anniversary:<\/p>\n

Which Delver is the best Delver?<\/p>\n


As it stands right now, the top three Delver variants in the Legacy metagame are: Blue\/Black [[Death's Shadow::id=34026]], Grixis Delver, and RUG Delver. We're going to address all three and talk about their strengths and weaknesses, starting with RUG Delver.<\/p>\n

RUG Delver — The Goose is Loose!<\/strong><\/span><\/h1>\n

Upon the banning of [[Deathrite Shaman::id=31363]] and [[Gitaxian Probe::id=22860]], many folks cried out in one voice that the Goose was indeed loose once more. However, since that time, RUG Delver's level of results has been… well, not great. Other than minor smatterings of results here or there, RUG's proclaimed dominance over the format has simply not happened.<\/p>\n

RUG Delver — pokemonych | 6–0 MTGO Legacy Challenge 8\/5\/2018<\/strong><\/p>\n

Creatures (12)
<\/strong>4 [[Delver of Secrets::id=37525]]
4 [[Nimble Mongoose::id=31367]]
4 [[Tarmogoyf::id=34094]]<\/p>\n

Instants\/Sorceries (29)
<\/strong>4 [[Brainstorm::id=40305]]
4 [[Daze::id=34185]]
1 Fire\/Ice<\/strong>
4 [[Force of Will::id=34181]]
4 [[Lightning Bolt::id=38281]]
4 [[Ponder::id=40319]]
2 [[Spell Pierce::id=36848]]
1 [[Spell Snare::id=39156]]
4 [[Stifle::id=34242]]
1 [[Tarfire::id=37593]]<\/p>\n

Enchantments (1)
<\/strong>1 [[Sylvan Library::id=31358]]<\/p>\n

Lands (18)
<\/strong>4 [[Flooded Strand::id=40191]]
4 [[Polluted Delta::id=29319]]
3 [[Tropical Island::id=11291]]
3 [[Volcanic Island::id=11077]]
4 [[Wasteland::id=30418]]<\/p>\n

Sideboard (15)
<\/strong>2 [[Ancient Grudge::id=34048]]
1 [[Dismember::id=28243]]
2 [[Flusterstorm::id=36928]]
1 [[Grafdigger's Cage::id=33882]]
1 [[Null Rod::id=6404]]
2 [[Red Elemental Blast::id=38284]]
2 Rough \/\/ Tumble<\/strong>
2 [[Sulfuric Vortex::id=31443]]
2 [[Surgical Extraction::id=28397]]<\/p>\n

To get an understanding of why RUG Delver simply hasn't dominated the scene of Legacy, let's take a look at a few key points.<\/p>\n