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You can now add bonuses and set your own prices for cards you’d like to receive, directly from the Card Detail<\/a> Page for the 100 cards included in the initial rollout. Check out the full list below to begin!<\/p>\n


We announced this feature last month, but if you’re new to the conversation be sure to catch up here<\/a>.<\/p>\n

Shop the Sales<\/span><\/h1>\n

Looking to maximize the value of cards you send<\/strong> on Puca? Then Promoted Trades are for you. Each Promoted Trade has a bonus associated with it. The full bonus will be credited to your account when your trading partner completes the trade.<\/p>\n


You can find all of the trades that are currently being promoted on the Send Page<\/a>. Just click the drowpdown and select Promoted Trades (making sure that you're sorting on List View, not Package View). All promoted trades appear in gold font and have the Promoted icon in the card name.<\/p>\n

\"Promoted<\/a>  <\/p>\n

Graduated Listing Fees<\/span><\/h1>\n

A month ago, we asked other PucaTrade members in a survey: How much should the PucaPoint fee be for a promoted listing? There were a wide range of responses with the majority of them clustering around 10-15% with overwhelming support for discounts offered to Premium members.<\/p>\n


We like the idea of this discount being offered to our Premium members too, so we'll begin by offering our Rare (Gold) members a 5% discount and our Uncommon (Silver) members 3% on the listing fee, which will be 15% of the card’s value for the initial rollout. <\/p>\n

If you're as excited about this feature as we are, there's never been a better time to upgrade<\/a>! <\/p>\n



Initial Launch and Rollout<\/span><\/h1>\n

We're rolling this feature out incrementally to ensure that it has the positive effect on trade we anticipate. We'll start by enabling promotions on 100 cards; 50 staff picks and 50 chosen by the PucaTrade community in a recent survey<\/a>.  <\/p>\n

It's also worth noting that this is just the first iteration of this feature. We have some improvements lined up for future production, such as: <\/p>\n