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In my last article<\/a>, we looked back at 2018. I think it's important to learn from our mistakes and celebrate our victories, but let's not linger there—2018 is in the past and now 2019 is before us.<\/p>\n

This will be an important year for PucaTrade—maybe more important than the last—and I'm hopeful for what we can accomplish. In December, I had our annual meeting with the founders, and we talked about PucaTrade's greatest needs and goals for the new year. It was really exciting to hear some of their ideas and to come to a consensus on our best direction forward.<\/p>\n

Today I'm going to share the goals that we set together, and how they will impact Puca. Let's dive in.<\/p>\n



We set two primary goals for 2019: To make PucaTrade easier to use, and to double our trade traffic. These goals cover a wide spectrum of what PucaTrade needs. Below I'll break down each goal and talk about why we chose to focus on them.<\/p>\n

Make PucaTrade Easier to Use<\/strong><\/p>\n

This goes beyond just moving some user interface icons around; we need to rethink how people are using PucaTrade. As it stands, members in the Discord server are having success using PucaTrade, but members who are not on the Discord server are getting mixed results. Part of the reason for this is that there's special information that you learn on Discord that you don't learn on the website. For example, on Discord<\/a>, it's well known that the best way to get cards is to promote your wants. The people hanging out on the Discord server often walk others through the process of promoting and share with them the best rates to use while promoting. This is really valuable information, and not everyone is privy to it. <\/p>\n

Last year, I had the opportunity to see what it's like for a new (or returning member) to use PucaTrade when I invited a good friend or mine to use the site. He was really confused and had trouble despite all the advice that I gave him. One of the things that became clear to me while watching my friend stumble through the process is that if he used the site in its default form, he would have trouble getting cards. This<\/em> is where a lot of the ire is generated for both new and returning members.<\/p>\n

In 2019 we want to take steps to eliminate the need for special information and third-party platforms. We want to make the default path of a PucaTrade a successful one. This starts by making more information visible, like trade histories for cards. It would also help to make other stuff less visible, like below-market offers. I'll talk more about these features in our Development Update articles and as always you will be included in how we approach this. It's important that we get this right because we can't really move forward with any marketing or growth strategies until we've tuned this experience for our members. <\/p>\n

Double Our Trade Traffic<\/strong><\/p>\n

This goal is ambitious and goes hand-in-hand with the goal above. By removing some of the hindrances in the core process, we should naturally see more trades happening—the trends of trade traffic build on each other. Increased trading activity stimulates more trades. Along with the natural boost from improving the core system, we have some other ideas that can help us reach this goal. Some of the ideas have to do with out-of-the-box ways to approach trading, and other ideas are more conventional like simple marketing.<\/p>\n

One thing that we have been shy about in 2018 is marketing PucaTrade. Our philosophy has been \"Let's clean up the kitchen before we invite anyone over for dinner.\" Once we can smooth out the trade experience, it will become more feasible to invite others to join us. Our monthly numbers articles can serve as a barometer and track our progress to this goal. We understand this one is ambitious, but keep in mind any growth in this area is a win.<\/p>\n



As I alluded to above, it's important to note that these are goals, not definite realities. We'll be working towards them and they will guide our decisions. It's just like when you sit down for game one at a tournament: You have a goal, but there's a lot that can happen between game one and game two. Maybe our \"opponent\" gets stuck on two lands and we just steamroll in 2019. Or maybe we get [[Thoughtseize::id=36983]]d on turn one and we have to fight for every inch of progress. No matter what happens, the PucaTeam is sleeved up and ready for battle and we're so glad that you're here with us helping us to make the right plays. <\/p>\n

I'll see you again for another numbers article at the beginning of February. Cheers to a great 2019! <\/p>\n\n\n\n
Jonathan Medina<\/strong> (@Medina_MTG<\/a>) is a casual Magic player and lover of people. He has a long history of writing for various Magic sites. He's currently the Director of PucaTrade, and a semi-regular writer at GatheringMagic.com<\/a>. You can find him on Twitter at @Medina_MTG<\/a><\/td>\n\"\"<\/td>\n<\/tr>\n<\/tbody>\n<\/table>","status":"PUBLISHED","isBlog":"1","big_image":"","template_id":"2","extra_id":"0","external_embed_code":"","featured_image1":"https:\/\/pucatrade-static.s3.amazonaws.com\/uploads\/enterTheInfinite_sm.jpg","featured_image2":"","external_link":null,"external_link_title":null,"external_link_description":null,"featured_image3":"https:\/\/pucatrade-static.s3.amazonaws.com\/uploads\/enterTheInfinite_sm.jpg","featured_image4":null,"featured_image5":null,"author_name":"Jonathan Medina","display_name":"Jonathan Medina","name_first":"Jonathan","name_last":"Medina","code":"US","has_image":"1","profile_image":"https:\/\/drjl681pbj9m1.cloudfront.net\/user\/2013\/11\/200\/user-image-2143.jpg","tags":[{"url":"puca","tag":"puca"}],"displayDate":"January 28, 2019","authorlink":"Jonathan Medina<\/a>"},{"id":"1242","created_at":"2019-01-09 00:45:36","updated_at":"2019-02-19 17:26:59","published_at":"2019-01-23 00:00:00","author_id":"3183","last_editor_id":"2143","title":"All the Good News \u2014 January","subtitle":"","tagline":"I'm Chris Powell and I'm back with more good news!","page_slug":"articles\/2019\/puca\/chris_powell\/all_the_good_news_january_2019","page_title":"All the Good News \u2014 January","body":"

Hey traders, Happy New Year!<\/p>\n

I'm Chris Powell and I'm back with more good news!<\/p>\n

I hope your holidays were Magic-filled—I know mine were. I was at GP Portland in early December and GP Oakland in early January (err... Magicfest Oakland?). Whatever they are calling them these days, it didn't feel any different than a GP. Both main events were Modern; I played my Naya Eldritch Evolution brew in Portland and Hollow One in Oakland, finishing at 2–3 in each. Those results weren't ideal, but I did quite well in side events and won a bunch of prize tickets.<\/p>\n

I love going to GPs (win or lose) and both were a blast. My opponents were friendly and everyone around me seemed to be in happy spirits. Outside of playing in events I ran into so many folks from my MTG past and present. If you haven't made it out to a GP, I highly recommend it.<\/p>\n

What's in store for this month?<\/p>\n

Puca News<\/h1>\n

Product Releases<\/strong><\/p>\n


Ultimate Masters: Released on Dec 7, 2018
<\/em>Somehow Wizards managed to squeeze in a whole spoiler and release cycle in between my articles. This set is pretty awesome and there were a ton of key reprints. I've been sending and receiving a bunch of cards in this set to fill out playsets while the prices are low and the supply is high. 
View Set<\/a><\/p>\n

Ultimate Masters Box Toppers
<\/em>Despite sparking some controversy over UMA pricing, these cards are beautiful and in high demand. I was able to get my hands on a couple of them and they look sweet!
Promoting<\/a> is your best bet to get YOUR hands on them.
View Set<\/a><\/p>\n

Upcoming Releases


Ravnica Allegiance: Releases January 25, 2019
<\/em>The full set has been spoiled and is fully tradeable. What Guilds did you playing at your prerelease? Gruul seemed quite strong and aggressive to me.<\/p>\n

New Features<\/em><\/strong><\/p>\n

You may have read Jonathan Medina's article<\/a>, but we added some big new functionality to the promotion features:<\/p>\n

  1. You can add as many promotions as you'd like and not have to purchase them until the trade is committed to you.<\/li>\n
  2. The promotion is no longer a fixed price and works off percentages. This means that your promo will update with the card's price and ensure that you don't miss out on important trades.<\/li>\n
  3. You can see how much people are offering (as a percentage) on your send screen rows.<\/li>\n<\/ol>\n


    We think these are very valuable additions to this feature and allows you to make zero-risk promos. This is one of the ways we want to promote and increase trade in 2018.<\/p>\n

    2019 Goals<\/em><\/strong><\/p>\n

    The new year is upon us and we always believe it's important to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. As a company, we come up with goals that we'd like to meet throughout the quarter and year. Maybe it's not news, but our core goal has always been: PUT MORE CARDS IN MAILBOXES.<\/p>\n

    It may sound basic or a bit of a cop out, but we do have limited resources and ensuring those go toward the core of what makes PucaTrade great is exactly where we want to be. We have some feature ideas on how to help with that goal (more on this from Jonathan on Friday). I think we made huge strides in 2018 to improve the economy and create features that make trading (promoting) easier and in turn increase trade. <\/p>\n

    I have high hopes for this year and we are already starting to see some traders who left the site coming back.<\/p>\n

    Top Trades<\/h1>\n


    The amount of Old School cards being traded is amazing. I'm happy to pass along this interesting trade data from the last couple months.<\/p>\n

    Old School<\/em>
    3 [[Underground Sea::id=16613]] Revised Edition — 225,000, 120,000 and 96,368 points
    [[Volcanic Island::id=11077]] Revised Edition — 160,000 points
    [[Chains of Mephistopheles::id=16154]] Legends — 134,200 points
    [[Volcanic Island::id=11077]] Unlimited Edition — 101,759 points
    [[Bayou::id=15643]] Unlimited Edition — 100,000 points
    [[Sol Ring::id=40489]] Limited Edition Beta — 80,000 points
    2 [[Tropical Island::id=11291]] Unlimited Edition — 73,130 and 72,047 points
    [[Mirror Universe::id=11414]] Legends — 65,000 points
    3 [[Badlands::id=10501]] Revised Edition — 55,001, 50,000 and 24,718 points
    2 [[Savannah::id=15573]] Revised Edition — 44,000 and 28,000 points
    2 [[Plateau::id=13242]] Revised Edition — 38,000 and 30,000 points
    2 [[Gaea's Cradle::id=22979]] Urza's Saga — 37,849 points
    [[Tawnos's Coffin::id=2760]] Antiquities — 27,000 points<\/p>\n

    Masterpieces (all foil)<\/em>
    [[Bloodstained Mire::id=29309]] Zendikar Expedition — 45,000 points
    [[Crucible of Worlds::id=40108]] Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions — 33,155 points
    [[Watery Grave::id=40865]] Zendikar Expedition — 32,100 points
    [[Hazoret the Fervent::id=34266]] Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations — 30,000 points
    [[Blood Moon::id=38277]] Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations — 30,000 points
    [[Dark Depths::id=41560]] Ultimate Masters: Box Toppers — 28,598 points
    [[Chromatic Lantern::id=40839]] Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions — 27,777 points
    [[Elspeth, Knight-Errant::id=40603]] Masterpiece Series: Guilds of Ravnica — 26,838 points
    [[Rings of Brighthearth::id=32403]] Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions — 26,666 points
    [[Scroll Rack::id=32404]] Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions — 26,500 points
    [[The Scarab God::id=36381]] Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations — 25,967 points
    [[Damnation::id=36307]] Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations — 25,000 points
    [[Ancient Tomb::id=41556]] Ultimate Masters: Box Toppers — 25,300 points<\/p>\n

    Booster boxes and FTV<\/em>
    Modern Masters 2017 - Booster Box<\/a> — 31,547 points
    Ixalan - Booster Box<\/a> — 30,000 points<\/p>\n

    [[Lion's Eye Diamond::id=9479]] Mirage — 50,000 points
    2 [[Cavern of Souls::id=41557]] Modern Masters 2017 Edition — 50,000 points
    [[Ugin, the Spirit Dragon::id=27032]] Fate Reforged — 39,946 points
    [[Karn Liberated::id=41527]] Modern Masters 2015 Edition — 33,333 points
    2 [[Force of Will::id=34181]] Eternal Masters — 29,889 and 27,000 points
    2 [[Liliana of the Veil::id=41535]] Foil Ultimate Masters — 28,050 and 25,073 points
    [[Mana Drain::id=36938]] Foil Judge Promos — 26,163 points
    [[Liliana, the Last Hope::id=40604]] Foil Eldritch Moon — 25,000 points
    [[Mox Opal::id=32401]] Scars of Mirrodin — 24,855 points
    [[Cavern of Souls::id=41557]] Avacyn Restored — 24,209 points<\/p>\n

    Below are the most traded cards by rarity.<\/p>\n

    [[Tocatli Honor Guard::id=37377]] Ixalan — 93 trades
    [[Firesong and Sunspeaker::id=38784]] Buy-A-Box Promos — 56 trades
    [[Animation Module::id=32640]] Kaladesh — 55 trades
    [[Bomat Courier::id=32661]] Kaladesh — 55 trades
    [[Assassin's Trophy::id=40923]] Guilds of Ravnica — 46 trades
    [[Impervious Greatwurm::id=40595]] Guilds of Ravnica MYTHIC RARE 44 trades
    [[Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle::id=38813]] Dominaria — 43 trades
    [[Tajic, Legion's Edge::id=40941]] Guilds of Ravnica — 43 trades
    [[Gonti, Lord of Luxury::id=32604]] Kaladesh — 43 trades
    [[Scrapheap Scrounger::id=32666]] Kaladesh — 43 trades
    [[Erratic Cyclops::id=40702]] Guilds of Ravnica — 42 trades
    [[Legion Warboss::id=40913]] Guilds of Ravnica — 42 trades<\/p>\n

    [[Lava Coil::id=40712]] Guilds of Ravnica — 74 trades
    [[Creeping Chill::id=40670]] Guilds of Ravnica — 63 trades
    [[Plaguecrafter::id=40686]] Guilds of Ravnica — 63 trades
    [[Merfolk Trickster::id=38511]] Dominaria — 55 trades
    [[Crackling Drake::id=40768]] Guilds of Ravnica — 52 trades
    [[Wizard's Lightning::id=38520]] Dominaria — 49 trades
    [[Cast Down::id=38778]] Dominaria — 47 trades
    [[Chemister's Insight::id=40636]] Guilds of Ravnica — 47 trades
    [[Cast Down::id=38778]] FNM Promos — 46 trades
    [[Seal Away::id=38551]] Dominaria — 44 trades<\/p>\n

    [[Rat Colony::id=38697]] Dominaria — 105 trades
    [[Shadowborn Apostle::id=20306]] Magic 2014 Core Set — 90 trades
    [[Relentless Rats::id=38271]] Masters 25 — 70 trades
    [[Gurmag Angler::id=41365]] Fate Reforged — 64 trades
    [[Wastes (184 Full Art)::id=29847]] Oath of the Gatewatch — 57 trades
    [[Dive Down::id=37173]] Ixalan — 56 trades
    [[Ghitu Lavarunner::id=38712]] Dominaria — 54 trades<\/p>\n

    Bug Fixes <\/h1>\n


    Most of the bug fixing the last couple months was related to the new promotion features, but we do have a backlog of things we will be looking into over the upcoming months. <\/p>\n

    The most recent updates to the site can always be seen here<\/a>. This link is on the version number in the footer of the site (currently v3.6.7.2<\/a>). I agree this is a tad hidden on the site and most people don't know about it, so I will do my best to give updates in these posts going forward.<\/p>\n

    Wrap Up<\/span><\/h1>\n

    MTG is definitely on the upswing with Arena taking the spotlight and Ravnica Allegiance about to shake up the Standard format. Even I have been playing Standard these days on Arena (having not played Standard in over two years) since it's easily accessible without spending a bunch on cards!<\/p>\n

    Enjoy the release weekend and send those unwanted cards out on Puca. I know I will be!<\/p>\n

    Thanks for reading! As always, give and let give!<\/p>\n\n\n\n
    Chris Powell<\/strong> is one of the Founders of PucaTrade and now serves as an Advisor. He started playing Magic in 1994–1995, but took a 17—year hiatus. Fellow developer Mitch Trale got him back into the game in 2012 with Return to Ravnica. Shortly after that, they teamed up to build PucaTrade.<\/td>\n\"\"<\/td>\n<\/tr>\n<\/tbody>\n<\/table>\n

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    Howdy folks! It's time yet again for another rant and ramble about what's going on in the world of Magic: The Gathering! I'm your host, Joe Dyer, and this month is fairly low-key but I want to highlight a few things. It's the beginning of 2019, and we're looking ahead at some great times this year.<\/p>\n

    Magic News<\/strong><\/span><\/h1>\n

    Not much has been going on with Magic except for a few minor important things. First off, the announcement of the Top 32 players who will consist of the Magic Pro League has gone up. There are some solid players in the list, from the poster face of Magic Reid Duke to the incredibly talented Brian Braun-Duin. Suffice to say it's a solid roster of players and probably a really great Top 32 to pick from for the very first MPL.<\/p>\n

    Of course, the whole esports thing has led to some really interesting developments. Esports company Tempo Storm has picked up several prominent streamers, signing Caleb Durward, Jeff Hoogland, and MTGNerdGirl into its organization as their first entrance into the esports Magic scene. It's very interesting to see how this is progressing, and I can only consider that we'll see more of these as we go along.<\/p>\n


    Speaking of sponsors, you've probably by now heard of Tigtone. Do you know what it is? Apparently not many do. This tweet<\/a> might help—Emma Handy and Matthias Hunt do a better job of explaining it than most others could have ever done. That being said, it's a show on Adult Swim. It looks strange, and they're sponsoring Magic events. So yeah, that's a thing.<\/p>\n

    One other interesting tidbit that's come up in the past week is that Alex Bertoncini has finally been lifetime banned by the DCI from playing Magic in tournament events. I've long been a proponent of his removal from the game and it's a net positive for the game overall for Wizards—especially with the esports initiative—to finally take action against him.<\/p>\n

    Finally, the best news: Vintage Super League<\/a> is starting up again on January 15th<\/sup> and is going to be running for quite a while. Check it out for some sweet sweet Vintage play! There's going to be a really exciting roster for this one, including folks like MTGGoldfish's SaffronOlive and guys like Cyrus Corman-Gill and the U.S. Vintage Champion Brian Coval. As always, it's hosted\/produced by Randy Buehler and Athena Froehlich.<\/p>\n

    The Local Flavor — SCG Columbus!<\/strong><\/span><\/h1>\n

    SCG Columbus happened at the start of January and I attended playing in the Legacy Classic on Scapewish Nic Fit. While I ended the day at 3–5 by virtue of the match-up lottery decreeing that I play against Storm three times in a row and Oops! All Spells in my final round, I still had a really great time and got to hang out with some really great people.<\/p>\n

    One of the people that is enjoyable to hang around at some of these SCG events is Becky Adlman, widely known as \"The Mean Valkaut Girl\" and \"Valakut Queen.\" She's a very well known Scapeshift player and one of the Admins of the Valakut Facebook group. Since I was Scaping a little that weekend, I opted to have Becky sign my [[Scapeshift::id=40099]]s.<\/p>\n


    Of course, they turned out great.<\/p>\n

    Another set of folks that was great to see that weekend was the folks from Hurley Burley Art<\/a>, card alterists from Delaware who travel to a lot of the SCG events. Lindsay is part of the Patreon Discord for StrictlyAverageMTG where many of us have gotten to know Hurley Burley over time, so it was super great to hang out and chat with them.<\/p>\n

    Even More Local — Epic Loot Games and Comics!<\/strong><\/span><\/h1>\n

    As I've indicated before on here, my LGS in this area is Epic Loot Games & Comics<\/a> and they are killing it on their local events. FNM in our area is thriving, and it's generally thanks to the diligent work of one local judge, Eric Searfos-Miller<\/a>. Eric's hard work and general dedication to the community as a whole has been incredible and has resulted in numerous improvements in the quality of life such as streaming our local FNM events (you can find Epic Loot's YouTube page here<\/a>) as well as community building with pro-Magic teams.<\/p>\n

    In fact, due to Eric's persistence in this nature, on the Friday night before the SCG Columbus Modern Open our FNM had in attendance members of Team Lotus Box, including Spirit Queen Kat Light and Zan Sayed. It was a fantastic evening and a lot of fun having them in attendance. I myself even had the chance opportunity to play against Kat Light on a feature match on camera (spoiler Alert: I lost). She wasn't playing Spirits that night—she was on Amulet—but we had some very interesting games (spoiler: [[Primeval Titan::id=37056]] stomped me good!).<\/p>\n