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The brain is weird. How it handles smells, in particular, is pretty interesting: They're processed by the emotional part of the brain first, then trigger the memory side. What this means is that smells can make you remember your emotions. A sandy beach triggers the memory of a summer vacation. A certain cleaner can remind you of elementary school hallways.<\/p>\n

A smell that you can't quite place, that gets stuck in the back of your nose and won't shake loose, reminds you of that Thanksgiving at your aunt's place nearly 30 years ago when you were annoyed that the same smell stuck in the same spot all day long. Or is that just me?<\/p>\n

Then there are old Magic cards.<\/p>\n

Sure they look different and feel different, but they also smell<\/em> different. Some hold that smell 25 years on, but there's nothing like the scent off a freshly opened starter deck to bring back memories of games long gone with friends and family you really should call more often.<\/p>\n

You kids don't know what you're missing.<\/p>\n

Memories came flooding back as I opened the packs of my new Old School collection. The smells, the cards, the wrappers; I even had a 90s alt-rock mix playing in the background just to get into the mood (Nirvana's \"In Utero,\" also 25 years old, is still a fan-damn-tastic album).<\/p>\n

To recap from last time, I'm trying to capture the spirit of Magic back in the day when collections were limited to what you cracked and could find nearby. I started with a $100 budget, which would have bought a ton of stuff back in the day, but in 2018 dollars got me this:<\/p>\n